Boston Globe worth less than a cup of coffee

Still more than I would be willing to pay for a single edition of the liberal rag.

The latest speculation came from none other than a media writer for the New York Times [NYT], the parent company of the Globe, who wrote that analysts’ values of the broadsheet vary widely, ranging from $250 million to the Times actually having to pay someone to take the Globe off its hands.

David Carr, the Times media columnist, concluded that someone buying a $2 cup of Starbucks coffee might consider they could have purchased the Globe for less.

Howie Carr offers a bail out to the bow-tied bumkissers as only Howie can.

I will take the entire rag off your hands – even the weekly editorial about how wonderful Barney Frank is. Terms: cash. I just counted out eight quarters from the change cup in my car. That’s my last best offer. I still have three quarters left, but I’m going to need some walking-around money when I stroll into 135 Morrissey Boulevard singing “Wild Colonial Boy.”


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