CBS News questions Obama’s ‘deficit neutral’ health plan

Not a good day for Barry.  First Claire McCaskill and now CBS.

Newsbusters has the story:

Fill-in CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor announced “there are growing concerns that President Obama lacks a realistic plan to pay for this sweeping reform.” Reporter Wyatt Andrews related “how the nation really pays for health reform just got a shocking wake-up call. The Congressional Budget Office, CBO, said Senator Ted Kennedy’s health care proposal could cost one trillion dollars over ten years, and 36 million Americans would still be uninsured.” Andrews proceeded to note how Obama “claims he can achieve reform without raising the deficit,” but, he asserted, “the fact is, this means raising taxes.” Andrews also pointed out that Obama’s “more than $600 billion worth of spending cuts” to Medicare and other programs don’t comport with inevitable resistance from hospitals.

More cracks.


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