CBO: Obamacare will cause 23 million to lose private insurance

So much for this being a scare tactic by Republicans.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that a government overhaul of America’s health care system would cost at least $1 trillion and would mean the loss of private coverage for an estimated 23 million Americans, according to a preliminary analysis issued Tuesday.

Not to worry, say Democrats.  They have a solution….taxing sugar.

Leading Democrats, however, say the CBO’s numbers do not take into consideration the savings that the plan apparently would create. They say some of the costs could be covered by taxing certain “unhealthy” foods, such as sugar.

A Twizzler Tax?


20 thoughts on “CBO: Obamacare will cause 23 million to lose private insurance

  1. Hey where will all the Canadians go when America’s health care is taken over by Bog Brother?

    “My God, what have I done”?
    Colonel Nicholson, Bridge onthe River Kwai

  2. I’m trying to think what elective surgeries I may need and go ahead and have them done now. Otherwise, I’ll be shit out of luck (and insurance).

  3. Eh, we already have calorie counts on our menus here in NYC… We might as well already be under government control.

    Gov’t. control of healthcare will be a mess. I don’t want Dems or Republicans running health insurance for this country… Period. That is all.

  4. OK now you are all on the terrorist list …
    I have commented here!

    That’ll put you on some other lists as well.

    You’re Welcome!

    Mazel Tov Loppy

    Why you would want to do this is beyond me


  5. They (the Red Sox) represent all that is good and decent in America (because the Yankee fans hate them) while the Yankees represent AIG, Microsoft, and all those corproate Obama supporters.

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