Gay donors continue to drop out of DNC fundraiser

Last week, the DOJ filed a brief which defended the Defense of Marriage Act and cited cases of incest and kissing cousins to back up their argument.  It’s not going over so well.

“This is not appropriate time” for the Democratic party to be hitting up gays and lesbians for money, says Richard Socarides, a former Special Assistant to President Clinton, who’s not attending next week’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee.

And add gay Democratic donor Bruce Bastian, who told the Washington Blade he “will continue to support certain congressmen, congresswomen and senators whom I believe will continue to fight for our rights, but I don’t think blanket donations to the Democratic Party right now are justified, at least not in my book.” He said he found the filing “very offensive.”

At last check, Bombastic Barney is still slated to speak at the event.


9 thoughts on “Gay donors continue to drop out of DNC fundraiser

  1. I heard about your recent banning from the ‘Other Blog’.

    Looks like you have a good place going here. You’re also welcome to join us on ours as well. We’re not the evil stalkers he claims. heh.

  2. Howdy Loppyd.

    What next? Will questions be raised about marrying goats? This will only complicate further our relations in the Middle East.

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