Oh my. France eyes possible ban of Muslim dress

PARIS – France wants to study the small but growing trend of women wearing burqas, with an eye to possibly banning the head-to-toe Islamic garment from being worn in public.

Government spokesman Luc Chatel told France-2 TV that the government would seek to set up a parliamentary commission that could propose legislation aimed at barring Muslim women from wearing the burqa and other fully covering gowns outside the home.

“If we find that use of the burqa was very clearly imposed (on women) . . . we would draw the appropriate conclusions,” Chatel said. Asked whether that could mean legislation banning the burqa in France, he responded, “Why not?”

What woman in her right mind would wear a burqa by her own volition?

KFCs may burn for this.


2 thoughts on “Oh my. France eyes possible ban of Muslim dress

  1. France under Sarkozy is more courageous then America under Obama. Who would have thought that we should be looking towards Europe for and in particular to France for leadership.These truly are Orwellian times.

  2. We should not be looking towards France for this. We should not be trying to supress peoples’ religous freedoms. However, I agree that Obama should (and somewhat already has) follow Sarkozy’s lead in denouncing the Iranian violence against protestors.

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