Her name was Neda

Watching this young girl’s last moments on earth is gut wrenching.  But we must bear witness.  We must honor her.

By all accounts she was standing with her father watching the protests when she was shot by a sniper.

Her face will surely become the everlasting symbol of the people who are protesting for democracy in Iran.

RIP, Neda


7 thoughts on “Her name was Neda

  1. http://www.aina.org/news/20090621034515.htm
    (AINA) — The Iranian Students Solidarity Movement (ISSM), one of the largest student organizations in Iran with over 6000 members, is reporting that more than 300 protesters have been killed. ISSM has provided the following breakdown of fatalities, as of midnight Tuesday, June 16th:

    Tehran 23
    Shiraz 11
    Isfehan 7
    Qum 4
    Arak 2
    Mash’had 9
    Saary 5
    Baabol 3
    Bushehr 1
    Ahvaz 6
    Khorramshahr 4
    Tabriz 11
    Rezaiyeeh 13
    Maraagheh 2
    Kermanshaah 7
    Sanandaj 26
    Saghez 6
    Baaneh 3
    Mahaabaad 12
    Karaj 7
    Saghez 5
    Hamadan 6
    Rasht 4
    Bandar Pahlavi 7
    Shush & Haft Tappeh 12
    Loristan Province 25
    Sistan & Baluchistan province 29

    ISSM is also reporting that an employee of the Ministry of Interior who leaked the real statistics on casualties was killed in a mysterious car accident.

    Injured protesters in Iran are being arrested at hospitals by state security forces. The following embassies are accepting Iranian injured so they do not have to go to state hospitals:

    Australian Embassy: No. 13, 23rd Street, Khalid Islambuli Ave — Telephone+98 21 8872 4456

    Belgian Embassy: No.3, Babak Alley, Shabdiz St.,Shahid Fayyaz Bakhsh Ave.

    British Embassy: 198, Ferdowsi Avenue Tehran 11316-91144

    Dutch Embassy: Onbol Street #7, Farmanieh

    Embassy of Finland: No. 2, Haddadian St., Mirzapour St. (former Soheil St.), Dr. Shariati Ave. Tehran 19336 (Eastern entrance / Consular and visa customers)

    Embassy of Finland (Alternate): Elahiyeh, Agha Bozorgi St Shirin Alley no.4 P.O.Box 19395-1733 — (98-21) 22 20 70 90; 22 23 09 79

    Finnish Embassy: Corner Of Nilou St, Below Vanak Sq, Vali-e Asr Ave

    German Embassy: Avenue Ferdowsi 320-324

    Irish Embassy: North Kamranieh Avenue Bonbast Nahid Street, No. 8 19369 – (98 21)-22 80 38 35

    Italian Embassy: accepting injured at 81, Neauphle Le Chateau Ave.

    Norway: No. 201 Dr. Lavasani St. (Ex. Farmanieh St.) Corner of Sonbol St. Tehran, Iran — (0098 21) 22 29 13 33

    Portugese Embassy: No.30, Nezami St., Abbas Pour St., Valy-e-Asr

    Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia: Tehran No 30, Narenjestan 8th Alley Pasdaran Avenue

    Swiss Embassy: Elahieh Ave. Sharifimanesh Yasaman Street No. 2 P.O. Box 19395-4683 19649 Tehran — 98 (0)21 22 00 83 33

  2. Columbia University (aka Bir Zeit on the Hudson) did not exactly distinguish itself by inviting that ugly dwarf Imadinnerjacket to speak last year.

    • paladin

      Last night, Columbia students protested in support of the Iranians in the streets.

      It did ring a tad hollow.

      • loppyd
        I am glad to her that. The Columbia University Middle East Studies Department is a hot bed of Islamofascist supporting lunatics – Joseph Massad being the most notorious one.

        Speaking of Columbia University I love Caroline Glick’s take on it (which I appropriated)

        “I grew up in Chicago’s ultra-liberal, anti-American and anti-Israel stronghold of Hyde Park. Hyde Park’s newest famous resident is Barack Obama. He fits right into a neighborhood I couldn’t wait to leave.

        I made aliyah to Israel in 1991, two weeks after receiving my BA in Political Science from Beir Zeit on the Hudson — otherwise known as Columbia University.”

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