Ted Kennedy, Jr. uses family name to influence Congress

Nothing shocks me about this family, but it is disturbing to learn that Ted Kennedy, Jr. may have used his family name to influence key health care decisions and policies given that his father is the face of health care reform in Congress and has a direct line to the White House.

The Boston Herald was given an advance copy of Dick Morris’ new book and found an entire chapter on the son of Ted Kennedy’s activities.

U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s son, Teddy Jr., is a Washington, D.C., “rainmaker” who “has been boldly exploiting” his family name to rake in fees from health care corporations and government pension investors, a new book by pundit Dick Morris claims.

The tome, an insider’s look at Washington that hits bookstores today, includes a chapter on Ted Kennedy Jr. that claims he took advantage of lax lobbying rules in the early 2000s when his company, Marwood Associates, worked to help pharmaceutical giant Bristol Myers Squibb keep a monopoly on a diabetes drug.

A former adviser to President Clinton, Morris writes that BMS made $3 billion off the drug in 2000 and hired the younger Kennedy solely to land a meeting with his powerful father, who sits on the Senate health care committee, according to book excerpts provided exclusively to the Herald.

Ted Kennedy Jr. did not return a call yesterday. A spokeswoman for the Bay State senior senator did not respond to several messages.

New lobbying laws ban lawmakers’ spouses and immediate family members from working for companies with business before legislators. But Morris argues that Marwood remains a behind-the-scenes player in the high-stakes world of health care.

“(Ted Kennedy Jr.) has unique access to the only person besides President Obama who will decide which provisions will be in the health care reform package,” he says of Sen. Kennedy. “Whether or not he’s a lobbyist,Ted Jr. is still a player in the Washington information game.”

I’m sure Obama will give him an exemption if he wants a job with the administration.


3 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy, Jr. uses family name to influence Congress

  1. After what Ted Kennedy got away with 40 years ago, nothing should surprise anyone. The Fat Rich Kid until his recent battle with cancer, has lived a charmed life.

  2. These people are disgusting. How the democrat party keeps up their love affair with the Kennedy family is beyond me. Effin’ blind adoration.

    • Hello there Red,

      I hope you went out and bought some more sandals for summer. Up until sunday, you needed raingear for around here. Might ruin your painted toes ya know.

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