Michelle Obama wants a bigger role, hires full-time speech writer

Now we know why she fired her chief of staff, Jackie Norris and replaced her with her friend, Susan Sher.  Michelle wasn’t happy with the traditional role of a First Lady and wants to play a bigger role in….well, everything.

A First Lady Who Demands Substance.

Her new chief of staff, Susan Sher, 61, is a close friend and former boss who the first lady thinks will be more forceful about getting her and her team on the West Wing’s radar screen. The first thing Sher said she told senior adviser David Axelrod, whom she has known for years: When I call, “you need to get back to me right away.” angry michelle

Although Obama’s job-approval ratings have soared, the first lady — a Harvard-educated lawyer — wasn’t satisfied with coasting. She is hiring a full-time speechwriter and has instructed her staff to think “strategically” so that every event has a purpose and a message. She doesn’t want to simply go to events and hug struggling military families, she said; she wants to show progress. “Her desire is to step out more and have deliverables,” said communications chief Camille Johnston. “It’s about things that are coming up that we want to be a part of: child nutrition reauthorization act, prevention and wellness for health-care reform.”

The former chief of staff, Jackie Norris, 37, was “not on the first lady’s wavelength,” said one source, echoing others, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters. “Susan is more of a peer,” a senior White House official said. “I think that’s probably a better model.”

Michelle and her new chief of staff are cut from the same diva cloth.  And what is wrong with simply hugging military families?  If she wants to do more, then fine.  But does she need an audience to do so?


7 thoughts on “Michelle Obama wants a bigger role, hires full-time speech writer

  1. Just checking in.. that picture is NOT what I needed to see first thing this a.m.. : )

    Is it me or does she always have that klingon scowl lately?

  2. She still looks like Aunt Esther to me. No wonder the Boy wonder is so angry with this country, look at what it produced.

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