Controversial Boston mosque opens today

After years of accusations of terror links and lawsuits, the mosque formerly known as the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center opens today.  After the 2002 groundbreaking, the mosque came under fire for its sweetheart land deal and ties to terrorist sympathizers and terrorist groups.

Daniel Pipes has a detailed time line of the mosque’s controversial history.

In 2002, the Boston Redevelopment Authority,sold the 1.9-acre lot to the Islamic Society of Boston for a mere $175,000.

One year later, the Boston Herald ran a two-part investigative series on the planned mosque and its ties to terrorist groups and sympathizers. The Herald revealed the Islamic Society of Boston’s ties to following individuals:  (credit Pipes)

  • Yusuf Abdullah al-Qaradawi, the Egyptian Islamist whose outspoken backing for Hamas led the Department of State to bar him from entering the United States in 1999
  • Osama M. Kandil, the Islamic Society of Boston’s leader for over a decade. Turns out that in addition being a former instructor at Harvard Medical School and the founder and chairman of an Egyptian pharmaceutical company, Biopharm Group, he is also associated with the notorious Safa group of Saudi businesses and “charities” headquartered outside Washington, D.C. and was a founding director of the Muslim Arab Youth Association, one of the most radical Islamist organizations in the United States.

The Herald expose was only the beginning.  Read the time line and be prepared to be outraged.


5 thoughts on “Controversial Boston mosque opens today

  1. In conjunction with this … I guess I’m not spending any money in Maine.. they’ve gone nuts too..

    An organization in the national spotlight recently for producing a documentary identifying several dozen potential terrorist training compounds in the U.S. has offended the sensibilities of Maine bureaucrats, who have fined the organization $4,000, alleging among other things that the group sent out mailings containing an “inflammatory anti-Muslim message.”

  2. I hope they are planning to appeal and then sue for violation of their 1st Amendment rights.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I will follow this closely.

    • I can’t for the life of me understand WHY we are so concerned about hurting the feelings of Muslims?

      So far my impression of muslims has NOT been favorable.

  3. I was on my was to a golf tournament at Worcester Country Club (East Mountain St,)Monday but what should I see. Minarets

    There is a new Muslem School there . I’ll get the name of it when I go back to spend the gift certificate( We won) and post it.

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