Hack Alert! Mass Pike employees get free ride

Unbelievable.  We’re getting hit with a 25% tax increase to help bail out this hack-filled disaster while toll takers get a free ride.

Hundreds of Pike employees and retirees are cruising the toll road free and easy thanks to special Fast Lane transponders handed out to more than half the agency’s work force as a perk.

“It’s unfair for people to pay for the Pike while these people get a free ride,” said Pike board member Mary Connaughton, a Herald guest blogger. “I can’t see the reason or the point for anyone having a nonrevenue transponder for personal use.”

Pike officials vowed to eliminate the freebies after a Herald review showed a total of 4,199 “nonrevenue” transponders were on the road, and 849 out of 1,300 Pike employees have one. Another 232 Pike retirees also get free rides.

Most of the transponders – including one reserved specifically for the toll takers union Local 127 – are the result of collective bargaining agreements

That would be the same Local 127 who recently filed a grievance on behalf of toll taker Paul Moccia who placed on unpaid leave after he was accused of killing and then cooking his cocaine dealer.


One thought on “Hack Alert! Mass Pike employees get free ride

  1. Liberal Land is a lot like Animal Farm – some are more equal than others. Bad enough that civil servants have more job protection then any one – they get all the free perks as well.

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