Obama’s numbers continue their downward slide

The presidential approval index now stands at -3%

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 33% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-six percent (36%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of –3.

And about that second bailout being bandied about in recent days?

Just 27% of voters nationwide favor passage of a second economic stimulus package. Sixty percent (60%) are opposed.

Interestingly, Obama’s overall approval number is 52% – an all-time low.  His overall disapproval is 47%. Do those number sound familiar?   Check out the election results from last November.

With hidden provision in Cap & Trade, Democrats admit jobs will be killed

Sure, it’s a jobs bill.  A jobs killer bill.  So much so that there is a provision in the legislation that provides paychecks and other assistance for those who lose their jobs as a result of their industries going belly up.

According to Friday’s Washington Times, the legislation includes language that provides, should it become law, that people who lose their jobs because of it “could get a weekly paycheck for up to three years, subsidies to find new work and other generous benefits—courtesy of Uncle Sam.”

How generous are these benefits? Well, according to the Times, “Adversely affected employees in oil, coal and other fossil-fuel sector jobs would qualify for a weekly check worth 70 percent of their current salary for up to three years. In addition, they would get $1,500 for job-search assistance and $1,500 for moving expenses from the bill’s ‘climate change worker adjustment assistance’ program, which is expected to cost $4.2 billion from 2011 to 2019.”

Instead of being a the source of millions of new jobs of “green jobs”—as House Democrats are fond of saying over and over again—the provision is a hidden admission that their effort is a job killer, not just a massive new tax on energy.

$4.2 billion taxpayer dollars to pay people not to work so we can save the planet.

Cost of the Obama girls’ Moscow outfits? $673.99

And that’s just the coats and shoes.  J. Crew isn’t letting this marketing opportunity pass them by.

J.Crew is using Sasha and Malia Obama to market some of its spring and summer styles, in a press release sent …

… to reporters Monday afternoon titled “The Obama Girls Bring Some American Style to Moscow.”  sashamalia

“Malia & Sasha wore J.Crew and crewcuts as they exited Air Fore One in Moscow — stylish in their trenches, they also accessorized with ballet flat shoes,” the release says.

The notice includes two photographs of Sasha and Malia deplaning Air Force One with their parents and an image of the J.Crew logo.
Malia’s J.Crew designs:
• Silk Taffeta Trench (14968, $298, Buff)
• Satin Ballet Flats With Contrast Trim (16028, $98, Black)

Sasha’s crewcuts designs:
• Girls’ Crushed Twill Trench (13100, $169.99, Buff)
• Girls’ Minna Printed Ballet Flats (16344, $108, Classic Navy)

Don’t get me wrong.  They are adorable girls and I’m sure someone else had a hand in picking out their ensembles.  But $108 shoes for a seven year-old girl is obnoxious. I guess when your mom has no problem wearing $400 sneakers you’re bound to end up in some pricey ballet flats.