Healthcare legislation includes billions for jungle gyms and streetlights

They call it an effort to improve the nation’s “health infrastructure.”  I call it pork.  Didn’t someone mention something about lipstick on a pig awhile back?

WASHINGTON – Sweeping healthcare legislation working its way through Congress is more than an effort to provide insurance to millions of Americans without coverage. Tucked within is a provision that could provide billions of dollars for walking paths, streetlights, jungle gyms, and even farmers’ markets.

The add-ons – characterized as part of a broad effort to improve the nation’s health “infrastructure’’ – appear in House and Senate versions of the bill.

Critics argue the provision is a thinly disguised effort to insert pork-barrel spending into a bill that has been widely portrayed to the public as dealing with expanding health coverage and cutting medical costs. A leading critic, Senator Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican, ridicules the local projects, asking: “How can Democrats justify the wasteful spending in this bill?’’

But advocates, including Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, defend the proposed spending as a necessary way to promote healthier lives and, in the long run, cut medical costs. “These are not public works grants; they are community transformation grants,’’ said Anthony Coley, a spokesman for Kennedy, chairman of the Senate health committee whose healthcare bill includes the projects.

Pretty soon Queen Nancy will be shrieking from the House floor that this bill is all about JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS.


4 thoughts on “Healthcare legislation includes billions for jungle gyms and streetlights

  1. Afternoon Loppyd,

    Did you get a chance to read the comments over at the Boston Globe Democrat on this article, I think the commenters are starting to see the B.S…..
    we can only hooe

  2. You have to marvel at the absurdity of people who smoke, drink, cheat on spouses,and mainline botox lecturing us on healthy living whilst they pick our pockets.

  3. I had dinner tonight with a liberal friend of mine. It was funny to hear him spin Obama’s bullshit. He said that the stimulus will take a year to go into full effect – yeah that was not what my liberal friend was telling me a few months ago. We ought to have thread dedicated to our ludicrous encounters with Obamabots and the fantasies that they believe in.

    “None are so blind as those that will not see”.

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