Insipid Boston Herald Columnist: Burqa brings freedom

The Boston Herald’s resident dingbat, Margery Eagan, sinks to a new low with her Sunday column.  The supposed feminist took a few hours off from bashing Sarah Palin to spend some quality time with a Muslim convert who extols the virtues of the burqa.

Everything else is hidden by a cloth barricade, her Muslim burqa. She seems entombed, yet I feel strangely exposed, as if she has the unfair advantage until we go inside the Islamic Center of New England, burqa freedomin Quincy. Then there are three women together in a room, and she removes her veil.

I still can’t see her hair or body. But now we are face to face. I feel much better.

“This is my choice to cover,” she says. “I am not oppressed. My husband doesn’t oppress me. No one stands over me with a gun. There is nothing in my culture that says I should cover. I do it for religious reasons,” says Bilal, 43, a wife and mother and a Muslim convert at age 25. She says most of the Muslim women she knows don’t cover their faces. That is their choice. But the wives of the prophet Muhammad did, Bilal says, and to her, “covering is more pleasing to God.”

I wonder if she happened to mention to Eagan that one of Muhammad’s wives was nine years old (at best) when she got so lucky?


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