Obama arrogance: I have great health insurance and so does every member of Congress

Which is why he and members of Congress are exempting themselves from a public plan that would have turned away the likes of Ted Kennedy for being too old to receive life extending cancer treatment.

Candidate Obama promised that any health care reform would provide everyone the same coverage that members of Congress enjoy.  Contrast that with President Obama and members of Congress adding Section 3116 to the bill.  This provision specifically exempts members of Congress and all federal employees from being required to sign up for the public option.

If it’s so great why not put themselves into the plan?

The AP provides a surprisingly frank analysis of Obama’s performance on this issue thus far.

WASHINGTON – Determined to avoid the fatal missteps of the Clinton White House, President Barack Obama is wobbling along his own precarious path to try to overhaul the nation’s health care.

Where Hillary Rodham Clinton micromanaged the 1990s effort, Obama has given lawmakers lots of room and held back from offering a detailed plan of his own — but with no indication his strategy is working any better.

The sense of bipartisanship the president infused into the effort in March has been dissipated; lawmakers may never have taken it seriously. And the clear, confident message of last year’s presidential campaign has turned into confusing policy options and messy politics, a standoff on Capitol Hill over how to expand and improve health coverage — and somehow pay for it.

It’s all recasting Obama’s image. The cool, crisp candidate who captivated voters last fall has been replaced by a president who is constantly calling for action, with little to show for it and his credibility at stake.

He’s on the ropes and he knows it.  Look for long-winded non-anwers to keep the questions to a minimum tonight.


4 thoughts on “Obama arrogance: I have great health insurance and so does every member of Congress

  1. These turds need to be asked constantly if they are willing to sign onto all the intrusive mandates they intend to impose on the new American serf. Let the um, er,uh, but but fest begin!

  2. Ok, for all of those out there who voted for him, what do you think of Obama now? The country is in chaos, the economy sucks and people are losing homes, jobs, their lives on a daily basis. Are you happy now? How is this going to be fixed? I don’t have answers but then again I am not being paid thousands and millions to figure it out either. Looks like all the money going to the government is not working either. Where does this end?

  3. Excuse me, but I went through the bill and I can’t find where Congress is exempted from the bill. I did find that illegal aliens were excluded (Page 362).

    The country is in chaos because the people who were paid to be the government (SEC, for example) didn’t do enough to safeguard the industries that ran rampant over our 401K’s. The millionaires that put people in cars and houses they couldn’t afford had a party with the GOP looking the other way, and now the country has the hangover.

    So Obama doesn’t repeat the Clinton mistake on dictating to Congress the terms of health care reform. What exactly did our last President do to resolve the healthcare cost explosion?

    Obama lets Congress cook up the plans. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of plans, and there is responsible criticism of all aspects-that’s freedom of speech and healthy debate.

    What have they done in the last 3 months? Between birthers, death panels, tea parties, rants at town halls, and name calling, the fringe of the GOP has hijacked responsible debate about healthcare and how it’s bankrupting the USA in favor of a parade of irrelevancies.

    If the GOP has a plan to fix healthcare, GWB had the WhiteHouse for 8 years, and had the Congress for four of them. What exactly did the GOP do?

    HINT: SOMEBODY bankrupted the country with monstrous deficits raised through tax cuts and two wars. And now you want to blame Obama? Really?

    • If you paid attention you would have sen that Republican House members were holding their own health care reform bill in their hands during Obama’s partisan revival tent rally last night.

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