Pelosi “I’m not afraid of August”

Is Queen Nancy going to force Congress to stay in session until she gets her way?

I have no idea what Nancy Pelosi meant but I love this quote from today’s presser.

“I’m not afraid of August — it’s a month.”

The question, which she didn’t quite answer, was whether the House needs to stay in session to ram through health care reform — a suggestion made earlier today by Pelosi’s whip Jim Clyburn.

With six-plus legislative days to go, reporters (many of them with vacation plans and child care concerns) wanted to know about the speaker’s plans.

“We’ve had a very small conversation about whether we need to few days sooner or later,” she said, calling a heated discussion between Democrats this morning an “invigorating” meeting. “I don’t even know if we have to stay past our regular point of departure.”

Then she turned to reporters, crammed against the wall of her tiny briefing room off the House floor and asked them how they felt about being part of health care reform history.

“Don’t you feel excited?” she queried.

Yeah, it’s so exciting to see Congress take over my health care decisions.


3 thoughts on “Pelosi “I’m not afraid of August”

  1. Is this the same scholar that a movie was made starring samuel l jackson and dafney coleman about a black man that bought a house in a rich community, was moving in and his white neighbors thought slj was stealing things out of the house? Dafney Coleman played the police chief and comedy pursued. It was a rather hilarious movie.

  2. If the democrats get this passed, they can say good-bye to being re-elected. I don’t think they really care about that as long as they get these bills passed. By the time they get back, support for the bill will have already decreased. You can’t have health reform without tort reform, and the sooner they realize this, the better. She shaking in her shoes, because she knows her days as Speaker are numbered.

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