Stupid is as stupid does

When asked about the Henry Gates arrest at last night’s presser, Obama said he didn’t know all the facts.  Of course that didn’t stop him from making up his own set of facts and bringing racial profiling into the mix.  He capped his comments by saying:

“the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home.”

Sgt. Crowley and his union are not happy that Obama couldn’t resist commenting.

You know what I think is stupid?  Talking out of your a** about something you didn’t witness, nor have taken the time to research and turning it into a platform to rail against a completey unrelated issue.

I wonder if Barry bothered to read the police report which clearly states that the police officer (Crowley) did not enter Gates’ home as has been erroneously reported and repeated.  Officer Crowley asked Gates to step outside to which Gates responded “why, because I’m a black  man in America?”

You tell me who was being racial.

Further, Gates was not arrested “in his own home” as has been reported – erroneously again.  Gates was arrested on his porch after he ceased to scream and yell at Crowley as he walked down the steps and onto the sidewalk.

Crowley says he won’t apologize and he shouldn’t.  Obama should apologize to him and the rest of the men and women of the Cambridge Police Department whom he disparaged with his self-serving comments.

Finally, chew on this juicy nugget.  When Gates was being escorted to the cruiser, Crowley asked him if we would like an officer to take his key and secure his door.  Gates told Crowley the key wouldn’t lock the door because there had been a previous break-in attempt at his house.

Update:  Worst Press Secretary evah issues lame statement on Obama’s stupid “stupid” comment:

Spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday that Obama felt “cooler heads on all sides should have prevailed” once the officer realized Gates was in his own home.

On Wednesday Obama said the police “acted stupidly” when they arrested Gates even after it was clear that he was not a burglary suspect. Gibbs said that Obama did not regret the remark, but wanted to clarify that he was not calling the arresting officer stupid.


Update #2: Officer Crowley is a profiling expert. And he was hand picked for the job by a black man.

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258 thoughts on “Stupid is as stupid does

  1. I completley agree with your comments. What should of been a “routine” response to a “breaking and entering” report, has been turned into a racial and political pile of stench because of an elderly grump man who thinks the world owes him, and a fool of a President who wades into something he knows nothing about. Obama came into office vowing “to not make the same mistakes as my predecessor.” Now he’s making entirely new ones.

    • Did anyone bother to even watch President Obama’s address on the issues/questions asked of him last night? Because clearly, if you paid any attention, Obama didn’t comment on this arrest issue UNTIL a reporter directly asked his opinions of it! And, YES, Obama did admit that he didn’t know all the facts surrounding the arrest, but did, humanly, draw an opinion that everyone should agree with: The professor SHOULD NOT have been arrested having already shown/proven via ID, etc., that it was his residence. And for any of us, black, white, brown, red or yellow to say that it is of no merit to question the arresting officer is an outrage & biased in favor of the officer. Which is the exact conclusion you have apparently drawn against the Professor involved. In addition, your comment about the Professor thinking the world owes him something, you need to question YOURSELF where that thought even came from. Perhaps from YOUR traditional, right-of-passage upbringing? Or maybe I missed the interview where the Professor made that comment about the world owes him something.. Really, YOU need to think before you speak and shape YOUR OWN opinions. Let’s get real people! Nothing in this world will change concerning race relations until we leave out ‘race’ and judge justice & injustice for what it really is, plain and simple!

      • Wow, you are really casting some stones there without merit!!! Mr. Gates was not arrested for anything other than resisting arrest! I think anyone would be more than willing to step outside if a police officer showed up and sais there was a report of a break in at this residence. I know I sure as hell would run out of the house. I would not waste my time in saying why because I’m a black woman? I think it is appauling that our leader is using his press time to promote and further fuel race issues in america!!! What a sad sad society we have become! I feel sorry for the men and women in uniform that protect us at all cost just to get a slap in the face like this!!!!!

      • have to ask this cc,if you do not know all of the facts, and YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT,why make any comment on it??????

      • Liz,

        That makes absolutely no sense at all. One does not get arrested for resisting arrest. One gets arrested for the underlying offense and charged with resisting arrest if they refuse to follow police instructions.

        As to the issue in question, Obama had every right to comment on the situation after being asked his opinion of the matter. He clearly stated that he did not know the facts but that, based on what has been reported, the police acted stupidly in arresting a man who had already proven he had ownership of the property.

        That said, if the officer chooses not to apologize that is certainly his prerogative. However, someone is lying here. Gates stated that there were a number of officers outside of his home when he walked out and Crowley says it was just himself. Gates claims he was acting in a fairly orderly manner and Crowley’s report says that Gates was making a scene.

        Both of them can’t be right and, no, a police report is not factually dispositive here because the reporting officer has a reason to fabricate the facts if he’s trying to cover up something.

        Bottomline: Obama was in the right for stating his opinion on the matter when asked.

      • The professor was arrested because of loud and unruly behavior. Apparently, yelling at a police officer is considered against the law.

    • A respected, distinguished black man got arrested in his own house for doing nothing wrong on the words of a neighbor who is a white lady.

      Is there any more to this than that?

      This should be a simple case. The lady should be repramanded or booked. The same for the officer.

      • Wrong. A man got arrested in/outside his own home despite allegedly showing the arresting officer proof of identity and ownership. The woman should not be reprimanded for properly reporting what objectively appeared to be a breaking and entering. Crowley should be reprimanded if he in fact wrongfully arrested Gates.

      • not just an apology.. a public one in front of the entire world. just like the insult he gave him with his comment.

      • Why, because this cop failed at his job…um, NO!…Even under his report, he escalated a situation and let his silly pride overrule all else…And Gates helps pay his salary…you people are such blind sheep, and so stupid to boot. you should apologize to me for having to read your idiotic stupidity.

      • Sounds like President Obama needs to apologize to all americans, not just to the arresting officer and the entire police department. Mr. Gates needs not only to apologize, but thank the officer for risking his safety to check on his home (reported burglary) in the first place.

      • So, this guy makes a big deal about this…but years ago no one said a thing about the WHITE student at ball state that was SHOT and KILLED outside of his house…weird…race card wins again.

      • President Obama’s comment was not ignorant. It was right on target. If someone shows you proof that they live in a house, isn’t it stupid to arrest them for breaking in it?

      • Just having ID with that address on it isn’t proof that you live someplace, (not that Gates provided this) and every police officer and thinking person knows this. He could have been anyone! A disgruntled ex-tenant, a former husband or live in boyfriend stalking the resident, etc. The fact that he was acting out of character for an innocent homeowner, AND there were marks on the door where it had been jimmied open, AND that a neighbor reported a man of his description forcing the door, all point to something other than “innocent homeowner.”

      • You are correct upto the part that the officer did not know that Gates was the resident.

        After he he knew, he should have applogized from breaking in, because at that point that is exactly what he had done.

    • I think it would be better for Obama to dispatch Federal Investigators to review all of the civil rights abuse claims with this police department.

      Nothing to hide? Then nothing to fear.

      Clean, honest cops with integrity need only apply.

      • I totally agree, Gates should apologize, I am a minority myself however am tired of people throwing the “race card” around. Crowley was merely doing his job, and if Gates really needed to get into his home, there are people called locksmiths that can handle that for you, also he could’ve called Harvard maintenance for all I know. Also, Obama shouldn’t be chiming in on these issues, he was clearly showing biased, and as our ELECTED president, shouldn’t he be staying out of these issues? Crowley and all the other cops in the US are doing their jobs and protecting the citizens of their communities, they should be applauded instead of criticized the way they handle their jobs.

      • “Nothing to hide? Then nothing to fear”
        this type of thinking should of been taken up by gates

      • “steve

        “Nothing to hide? Then nothing to fear”
        this type of thinking should of been taken up by gates”

        Ummm, it was..

        He asked for the trespassing officer’s name and badge number. That’s what ‘set off’ the police officer.

        They never like to be reminded that THEY have to follow the law.

      • the officer was not trespassing,he was there legally you idiot
        and im talking about if he had nothing to hide,why didnt he just act accordingly to the police officer??

      • The officer was doing his job to the best of his ability!! The arrest had NOTHING to do with RACE!! Everyone keeps saying he should not have been arrested because he was in his own home. That has NOTHING to do with WHY he was arrested! He was arrest for Disorderly Conduct. The USA is in a sad state when a person can blatantly be in the wrong and an officer be just in making an arrest, only for the charges to be dismissed. Then on top of that the President stands in front of the nation and says it was stupid for the officer to do what he did. I am so tired of the RACE card being used as an excuse! But hey I guess if OJ Simpson got off – then it must work. It seems that anytime two different races (especially whites and blacks) are involved in a situation it gets twisted to be because of someone’s skin color. How do we expect our children to move forward if we can’t?

      • “:steve

        the officer was not trespassing,he was there legally you idiot
        and im talking about if he had nothing to hide,why didnt he just act accordingly to the police officer??”

        Apparently Steve is unaware that it is trespassing to enter private property uninvited. There was ‘no evidence’ or probable cause that there was a crime.

        The individual had already identified himself, he turned to walk to the kitchen for his wallet containing his ID and the police officer entered and followed illegally (which is why he’s lying about that part of the incident in the police report).

        I saw prosecute this ‘bad’ cop and clean up the police force. And avery one of the other officers there should be disciplined.

      • haha actually kevin he had probable cause due to the fact the he was dispatched there,and the probable cause was that there was a break in of 2 black males and when he gets there he sees one,he doesnt know if the other one is hiding or not
        and he followed him in cause he did not know if he was going to run or what,what if that was a burglur,and he just said oh go ahead and get your waller ill just sit here and the guy ran off,you have to follow him

  2. That Cop should not have to apologize, he was DOING HIS JOB! As far as Obama, that sounds like he is just sticking up for one of his own, (without the entire scenario and facts) and WHO is calling WHO racist? WOW, I am losing faith in this country quickly. Go to work, do your job and all of a sudden everyone is saying you are bad and on your a@@. Not very nice, especially when you are a Police Officer, and the President gets involved.

    • What does “one of his own” mean? Does it mean a black man or someone who is intelligent. Because both men have that in common.

      • Come on, you know what ‘one of his own’ means.

        It means that Dawn is another bad-cop loving biggot.

      • I think she means by “one of his own”, a fellow Harvard man. Judging on the fact that Obama clearly stated his bias towards this man due to that fact. Stop assuming everyone is racist, thats how stupid situations like this happen in the first place.

    • Last time I check Mr. President was white too. In fact I didn’t see in his bio that he was raise by any persons of African decent? So what is meant by one of his own. It is so easy to comment when one hasn’t lived through discrimination or racial profiling. The man was at his house, He is a older gentleman. Had this been a white man’s house and a black officer I am sure the many of you would be looking at this situation a little different

      • C’mon Lita…how did he know it was his house until ID was provided? A Black cop asks me to step out and talk to him about anything I comply…..why? I don’t have a chip on my shoulder…..I don’t assume he’s accusing me of anything until he accuses me of something. I don’t retort “do you know who you’re talking to…give me your name and badge number”. I can read…I look at the badge and his name tag. Gates was obviously trying to intimidate the officer for some reason…..maybe too many cocktails on the flight from China?

  3. I am going to school to be a police officer and in my studies, they teach us to never enter a house when you don’t see all the suspects called in from dispatch. They called in two males, only one was seen. Where was the other individual? Obviously being the driver, he had left, but ask yourself would you enter a house with your safety in question. I know, I know, he doesn’t look like he would physically hurt anyone, but that’s not neccessarily true. The most unexpected people can do as much harm as the people that would. This is where the public needs to understand the safety of the officer is the most important. The other thing is that the only person to make an assumption or bring up the race issue is a man who per his educational status should make him a scholar in racial issues, but it seems to me the only person trying to play the race card is Gates himself. The last thing I want to point out is that the president should not be brought into local issues because of his status as a black president. Would this had been asked to john McCain had he been elected? I think not! It would have been blown away with the rest of the garbage news.

    • Matt, it is the safety of the public is the most important. The officer is there to ensure that. That’s what the police department’s creed is (to protect and serve). If safety trumps all else in your life, maybe you should not go into that profession.

      I personally believe they were both hot-heads who didn’t want to yield an inch. Common sense would have called for the good prof. to explain calmly his door predicament, and for the honest sarge to swallow his pride and let the thing go once he learned that the occupant was legit. It would be too much to ask of people with authority however, be it academic or judicial.

  4. Its nothing to do with race. Its to do with power. Little guys and big guys. Obama’s buddy is a big guy and there fore can’t be wrong. Sad very sad, now Obama owes the cop an apology like Gates does.

    • Power play is right.

      Cops use power plays to ‘show people who’s the boss’ all the time.

      I think most Americans are sickened and disgusted by this kind of police abuse of power.

      • So, this guy makes a big deal about this…but years ago no one said a thing about the WHITE student at ball state that was SHOT and KILLED outside of his house…weird…race card wins again.

      • That’s ridiculous. The cop was responding to what he thought was a break-in, and the jerkoff Gates was being unruly and uncooperative… and to top it off, now Obama sticks his nose into it… nevermind he doesn’t have all the facts. Stop supporting division between the races by saying stupid S*** like that.

    • What is it had been a white man? The man would have handed the officer his identification, and that would have ended it. What if the officer had been black? Gates would have handed him his identification, and that would have ended it. Any police officer, of any color, could come to my door, ask for identification, and I would give it to him/her. Gates was wrong!

  5. this is ridiculous,the police officer was doing his job,i am a police officer myself and if i got a call out on a black male breaking into a house, and when i got there it was a black male and it looked like he was breaking into the house, then i’d arrest him too. the whole racial profiling thing is not coming from the police department,it is coming from the black famous people. o’bama is really going to say the police officer acted stupidly?? well barack,how about you go work a beat,and when you get a call like that,how would you react?????

    • The ‘stupidity’ is not being able to discern that there’s no crime at this home.

      Once you have the owner of the home identified, understand that the owner is an older man with a disability, understand that there’s no one else home and nothing ‘wrong’ going on there…

      Get the ‘F***’ off of my property!

      You do not belong-

      • just because he is old with a disability,does that mean that he automatically disqualify him as a suspect or as a threat
        do me a favor and go on and look at the pictures of some of the “oldies” on there
        now tell me you should “just stop because he is old with a disability”

  6. Wow, you are all drinking the ‘white cool-aide’. If this happened to you, you would be flipping out and screaming that that’s the reason you need guns, so you can protect yourself from the government!

    Nonsense. Just white trash abusing his power as a so-called trusted police officer to show someone who is boss.

    He needs to be put on desk duty until he understands that everyone he deals with is his boss (after all we pay his salary and he serves at our pleasure).

    • hahahaha i love when people say “pay your salary”. Because if you want to talk about it like that then there is a chance I pay your salary. I get paid by the governement, so if you work if the government,everyone pays your salary. Just like if you work at wal-mart,everyone that shops at wal-mart pays your salary.
      and white trash?? that was real original,next time someone is breaking into your home i hope the police never show because they do not want to take the chance of it being a race issue

      your an idiot

      • Better have another glass of that cool-aide.

        Everyone that works for the government, works for each and every one of us. That’s a special bond and trust that has been extended to them. And it is a special trust that must NEVER be violated.

        It’s easy to throw, terms and names back and worth, but the reality is that someone given special powers over individuals, such as those given to police officers, MUST be held to a much hire standard as they are acting in all of our behalf’s.

        Far too many ‘bad apples’ give the majority of good police officers a bad name. Simply because someone is a police officer is no reason to accept bad decisions and poor choices.

        The man is in his own home. Even if that was unknown at the start, it was made clear very quickly. The officer apparently was not man enough to accept reality and arrested him despite that there was no reason.

        ANYONE, would be outraged if this happened to him in their own house.

        Pathetic excuse and abuse of power.

      • Give Kevin a break there is probably not much daylight under his rock.

        First of all, Gates it begins and ends with “Yes Officer let me come out there and explain and show you my ID” – instead the arrogant prick immediately injects RACE into the situation. It is well known that Cambridge gownies look down upon the townies as the lower class.

        And for the Halfbreed himself to utter his uninformed racially motivated opinion with the sole intent to villify the officer and he department, it illuminates the Kenyan son’s own prejudice.

      • “BHO you ignorant slut
        July 23, 2009 at 4:33 PM”

        Talk about an uneducated caveman.

        Please, get an education and you can still become a human being (maybe), rather than just a racist and vile individual.

        Isn’t that what Jesus would want for you?

        Just just hope you haven’t reproduced.

    • WHATTTTT? Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

      Clearly Mr. Gates is just another race-baiter, no better than Al Sharpton or Reverend Wright. Sorry but it’s just not normal to respond to an officer coming to your house with “Why? Cause I’m a black man in America!” Give me a break. This guy is just looking for attention and wants his ‘Rosa Parks Moment’, maybe so he can sell a few books.

      • “This guy” wasn’t looking for attention, he was coming to HIS home after vacationing. And don’t act like you would not be upset if the police were to come to your door and place you under arrest for breaking in your home.

      • he got upset before he got arrested you idiot
        why get upset if you have not done anything and are just being asked simple questions by a police officer??

    • Now the officer is white trash. Here’s what happened. The professor got on his high horse, got belligerent because of his “standing in the community” and suffered the consequeneces. He isn’t a math or physics professor. He’s a what? “Director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard?” Just what is it he researches? Black people in this country better wake up and join society instead of continuously segregating themselves. I for one have had enough of that constant drone. Drop the crack pipe and wine bottle, pick up a book, go to school, get a diploma. Aspire to something higher than a rap star, like maybe an insurance agent or an accountant. You’ll be amazed at how good life can be.

      • any normal person would not of been arrested because any normal person would of just showed their id and remaind calm with the officer
        kevin you are a complete moron

      • Where have you been? Black people have joined society a long time ago. People like you just prevent them from participating. And we do not segregate ourselves—you do that to us. And black people are aspiring to be something like the President of the United States.

      • Well given the author, I’ll take that as the highest of compliments.

        Any ‘Normal’ person would have been just as outraged over the situation. But once the two IDs were provided, the reason for the police officers to be there was done. They needed to leave. They should be penalized for trespassing on private property since the owner had been identified and their presence was nom longer welcomed or legally sanctioned.

        The moron on this blog expose themselves without the need of my aid.

      • What a stereotype comment you made Joseph! “Drop the crack pipe and wine bottle, pick up a book, go to school, get a diploma. Aspire to something higher than a rap star” Needless to say, they are some “rap stars” who has a business intellect and have started their own record label, clothes line, and water drink. Some even started a humanitarian group in third world countries. Tell me Joseph, what have you done? As for the comment about the crack pipe and wine bottle, not all blacks do that, as you can see, we have a BLACK president and obivously he did pick up a book and got a degree.

        My question about the incident between the officer and Gates is why the officer did not tell Gates the situation? After Gates shown him his ID. That there might be someone in his house and for them to check it out for him for his safety.

  7. Oh please! I am sick and tired of our personal freedoms being eroded in this police state that USED to be the Land of the Free. Since when did conservatives decide that it is OK for police to arrest you for disagreeing with them. This officer wanted to arrest Mr. Gates because Mr. Gates was being obnoxious… and if that is the case, most of us will face the same fate at some point. The police used to “serve and protect”… now they just bully people into being subservient. I for one want the right to say what I want to ANYONE on my property.

    • Serve and protect what…. the people, I think not! Try serve and protect the constitution and the laws we (congress) vote in. There just doing their job. Trying to keep us safe.

      • So you’re studying to serve and protect a two hundred-year old sheep skin and a bunch of papers?

        It may have not been clear in the police manual, but it was actual people who wrote the Constitution and those laws with the intent of benefiting from them. Remember, it goes, “We the people…

        By the way, as a future “public servant” why do you find serving and protecting people so objectionable?

    • Police state, eh? Let me guess, CC. You probably never did an honest days work in your life, went to the best schools. Parents take in more than $300K a year, but make you volunteer your time with inner city children for the experience of diversity. Want to really expereince a police state? Try Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Venezuela. Thenyou can make a comparison. Until then stow it. You’re going to make me throw up on my shoes.

      • So that’s a justification for a ‘bad’ cop?

        “It’s better than in Saudi Arabia or Cuba!”?

        I see the real brain trust is on this blog.

  8. I agree with all of the comments….Obama should have shut his mouth! Gates was the only one playing the race card….here in lies the problem. Black people play the race card whenever things don’t go their way…in this case, Gates thought he should get special treatment. He felt entitled because of who he is. He owes the officer an apology for acting like a complete idiot..and Obama does too for playing the race card for a friend and speaking ill of the police force in Cambridge. How maddening!

    • The problem is a police officer that obviously, given the ease at which he did it this time, that lies on a police report to support an unwarranted arrest.

      Gates was right. This fool had no idea at the level of the mistake he was making.

      Now he will be a fool and the butt of jokes for years to come. Just wait until he is hammered over and over again in the documentary that Gates has just begun work on.

      As you sew. Better start looking for a new job or stupidity protection program.

    • You are absolutely right. How did he call himself a professor and behave like an idiot as well as Obama. Does Havard education taught them how to behave like an idiot? I want my vote back. Sad Sad for this country.

  9. I wonder if Barry bothered to read the police report which clearly states that the police officer (Crowley) did not enter Gates’ home as has been erroneously reported and repeated. Officer Crowley asked Gates to step outside to which Gates responded “why, because I’m a black man in America?”

    Um, read the report again. he syas he asked gates to step outside because the acoustics in the kitchen were bad…Which indicates he was in the house, especially as another part of the report mentions him walking down stairs…If you’re not even going to bother to check your facts, i’m not going to bother pointing out further how dumb you are.

    • I have a copy of the report. At the beginning of the report – upon his arrival at the house – Crowley states that he asked Gates to come outside to which Gates made the racial comment.

      Have you never been on a porch? They are outside the house and they typically have stairs.

  10. From my understanding, it is the neighbor who called 911 and reported a possible break in.

    This brings to my attention that how come the neighbor did not recognize Gates? I think someone should look into that because that might be the cause to all this non sense.

  11. Interesting how one black professor can bring out a racist black president and a racist black mayor to defend him!
    This is the type of crap that keeps hate alive.

  12. Why didn’t the cop just ask him for his identification instead of ARRESTING him? It’s very simple: it doesn’t matter how worked up Dr. Gates was, he should NOT have been arrested, period. Should every one of us have to worry about being arrested in our own home (or ON our own PROPERTY)? I think not. The cop should friggin apologize and the city of Cambridge too. That’s just inexcusable. Oh, maybe Dr. Gates should have had a gun so he could have protected himself properly.

    • Did you even read the damn police report?? He clearly asked for id several times.. even the charge officer that wrote the arrest report stated when he arrived he heard crowley ask for id. And both officers heard the racist remarks coming out of the mouth of a racist professor!

      • Yes, I read the fabrications in the police report.

        Is this ‘bad’ cop going to resign or be prosecuted for abuse of power?

        Let’s hope for a Federal Investigation into this department and it’s officers.

        6 or 7 police officers and not one there had a brain?

        PLEASE raise the entry standards for this city’s department!

  13. Obama made a mistake by commenting on this incident. Officer Crowley was called to an upscale, affluent neighborhood with which his department was very familiar to investigate a possible burglary. For a police officer, this can be a deadly situation, and there are strict procedures for handling them to ensure the safety of the officer. When Crowley asked Gates to step outside, that was completely reasonable and consistent with good police work. For all Crowley knew, the perpetrators could have still been in the house and, since he did not know Gates, he could have been looking at one of them. When Crowley asked Gates to come outside, that’s when Gates decided to get in the officer’s face, screaming “Why? Because I’m a black man?” and “Do you know who I am?” This was a man with an out of control sense of entitlement and untouchability. He was offended that a lowly civil servant would treat him like a common criminal, and he let officer Crowley know it. At that point, the situation changed considerably. I don’t care if you’re black or white, smart or dumb, rich or poor, if you get in a police officer’s face when he investigating a potential crime you’re going to get arrested. Gates’ behavior is a classic example of a highly intelligent person acting like a complete moron. He owes the officer an apology for screaming racism to the media for the last two days. Obama should have let it alone.

    • Very strict procedure to entering a residence alone, as this officer specifically states he did? And I don’t care what Gates said in his own home, he has every right once he has proven it is his residence…No further action was required, the officer decided not to leave for some odd reason, and it got more tense…I’m glad the brass saw how dumb this was…Disorderly conduct=Poor little cop scared of the cane walking old guy who hurt his feelings that didn’t make any threats so I can only drum up the none of the above category of arrest.

      • Oh poor confused scuba Steve, i can see by your comments you are scraping the bottom of the barrel intelligence wise, but see if you can follow, OK there little guy? He first showed him the harvard ID (after giving the cop a little lip, which is dumb but not illegal). He then showed another form of ID later, as the cop wrote in his own report. yet somehow this continued. And the arrest happenned because Gates was still hollering (again, dumb, just like you) as the cop was leaving, meaning either he proved residence or this cop leaves crime scenes without proof…How does that sound, you get it yet dummiie?

  14. “”While I was led to believe that Gates was lawfully in the residence, I was quite surprised and confused with the behavior he exhibited toward me.”

    Um, why wouldn’t the cop be done at this point??? You’re defending the almost indefensible…The only defense here is that the cop is not a racist, just an ego tripping numbnut

    • There other possibility is that the officer was so taken aback by Gates’ tirade that he suspected something else was going on. In any case, you can’t get an investigating officer’s face without getting arrested. This happens all the time. Even if you’re just a bystander at a crime scene, getting belligerent toward a police officer can get you arrested. Once Gates made the decision to verbally assault the officer, he changed the situation considerably and nobody but he is responsible for his arrest.

      • Johnrjo8-You are completely right with your posts…and any intelligent person can understand that those are the rules, so play by them! I live in a city, where there is crime all the time. The crime is committed by white, black, latino, asian, NAME IT-and all races are arrested at one time or another. My neighbors are selling drugs, an african american family…many people on the block have called the cops, and yet the cops refuse to do anything about them. Did I ever ONCE think it’s a race issue??? NEVER. But reverse it, and boyyyy it would be. The more we use a race card, whatever race we may be, the more we take a step back in our progress as FREE America. It is 2009…get a grip folks, and realize Crowley was doing his job.

    • Well that’s good, because you’re the one calling for the police state, idiot… i would say you should be ashamed, but you’re too dumb, immoral, and worthless to know what shame is in the first place.

      • i really have no way to insult some as dumb as you,i really do not
        immoral? where do you get that,i am a police officer
        shame? i dont know it cause i am not an idiot
        dumb? you should talk
        ashamed? for what? voiceing my opinion that gates and obama are ridiculous

      • I understand, you have no mental capacity, and you’re obviously one of the worthless cops…maybe you should stop taking my tax dollars in welfare while you infringe on others lives and freedoms, you do a disservice to real cops everywhere, and you sound like a real loser/coward

      • WOW more idiotic words have never been spoken. Joe bob you need to go back to the rock you crawled out from under.

  15. ‘K, so the police get a call: man breaking into house. The officer gets there, a man is in the house. Cop says, “show me some I.D.” Man goes off on cop… The rest of America would have shown the officer some I.D.
    What gives about ‘… our personal freedoms being eroded…’ ? If someone called about my house being broken into -again!- I sure as heck would hope the police would ask the person (me included) to show I.D. if the door was busted down again… Get real. Gates and Obama owe the officer an apology FOR DOING HIS JOB.

  16. It’s sad this ever happen, but let take a look at the facts. When all is said and done. He gave ID (right), once the police knew this was his house and no one else where there (safty right). If it didn’t look like a crime was still in the process. or if the police felt for his safty why not wait on other officer to show up get the fact and leave if all ID was giving. The man is in his house now and no crime was going on why not leave at that point? That all I wants to know. If some came in your house under the same thing how would you feel? Please give yourself a true answer.

  17. First off….Using “stupidly” in a sentence like he did is just as bad as some of Bush’s responses in the past.

    You would expect that a President would have a more complete vocabulary….I would think he should have said “inappropriately”, “questionably” or even “moronically” but that shows you what we’re dealing with today.

    By everything known in this case, it seems that Gates was trying to force the issue. Most people would be happy & relieved to know that someone had called the police when it “APPEARED” that their house was being broken into!! Or would they rather people kept their shades down and hid in their homes never noticing or reporting POTENTIAL criminal acts???

    The problem here is that when anything like this happens, most blacks cease to think logically and go off on a wild tangent about racism, etc.

    Had the police just barged into his house with no other reason or report of a POSSIBLE burglary occuring, then they would have been out of line and Gates’ reaction would be understandable. But after finding out why the police were there, Gates, being a supposedly highly educated man, should and could have simply understood the situation and calmly sorted out the situation with the officers.

    There was no need for the flying off the handle, “yo mama” (I mean seriously, REALLY???…from a Harvard professor??!!!) and having the incident spiral out of control like it did. If anyone is responsible for the incident snowballing out of control it is Gates not the police!

  18. Mr. Gates was clearly looking for his ‘Rosa Parks Moment’ and after all these years, he’s finally got it. Just another bitter, angry, race baiting ‘activist’ who is really no better than Al Sharpton or Reverend Wright. I’m as left wing liberal as they come but people like this really just make me sick. The President of our country is a black man and yet we still see news specials on CNN called “Black in America” trying to convince us that there are still huge racial tensions all over the country. Sorry, but it’s just not the case, at least not up here in Boston- unless you are counting people like Gates who are trying to invent racial discrimination to further their “victim” agenda.

  19. Hey guys, cool off, please! This is just two men with lots of ego that reacted natually in an odd situation. The black professor got home from a long trip from China (12 hours difference) and found door jammed and have to enter from back door (so he was tired and mad.) Then a white officer asked him to step outside of his own home that is a correct procedure for the officer when he responds to a home break-in situation. But eventually, I believe both men knew the situations afterward (Gates showed his IDs anyway.)
    I think this got out of control when the professor got arrested and charged with “… public place..”. My trouble is, anybody’s own home is absolutely NOT a public place. So I agreed with Obama, this is quite stupid to get this far.

    • when the professor continued the verbal assault on the officer once he was outside. Clearly done so he could get noticed. That is when he was arrested. and only then notice he was given two warnings to step it down and still didnt.

  20. It always amazes me when someone takes a confrontational attitude when stopped by the police, then wonders why they didn’t get preferential treatment.
    This was a non-incident reconfigured into a ‘racial profiling’ situation by Gates himself. If he had merely co-operated with the officer’s investigation (which we are all required to do) there would have been no problem.
    The officer was doing his job – it is grossly unfair that he is receiving such negative feedback.

  21. If an officer came to my house due to a reported break in and asked for my ID I’d provide him my information and appreciate the officer for doing his job for MY safety! That’s all Mr. Gates had to do! I would not act like an idiot and think the world owes me something. I’m sure Mr. Gates is a very intelligent person but he has no common sense!

  22. ahh man james only if you knew the law,lets see yea screaming at a police officer is not illegal
    but where he says do you know who i am,that can be takin as a threat which is illegal and makes it perfectly ok to take in,the man screaming at the police officer,whether or not in his own home or not,can be considered as threating,and yes he is a small old man,he can still be considered dangerous and therefore is considered threatining.
    know your rights

    • I would never listen to a lecture on rights from a cop, who would use anything to get their desired result as I would say half are great but unfortunately the other half are like you and this guy, people who get off on power…I have read the case studies, and some judges have allowed garbage like this (which is why I refer to D.C. charges as made up, couldn’t find anything else charges). Doesn’t make it right, especially in and aorund someone’s home in a confrontation you started. I will be honest, your area would be better off if you retired or left the force, seriously, your attitude on what you job is makes me (and most real Americans) sick. i don’t care who you use this trumped up, made up reasoning on, blue, green, black

      • James,
        I am a real American and i find you a true idiot! You are clearly under educated. Cops die everyday to protect us from crap like this and they do it for a very small salary. Please grow up or get your own badge and protect the innocent. The cop was clearly doing his job.

      • you dont want a lecture because your probably the same idiot i see day in and day out who acts like an idiot. the same person who has no respect for the laws of america

  23. We all know for a fact that racial discrimination is an issue in today society….so the question is how we will fixed instead of argue what is and is not……LSL

  24. The motto of the Left “When in doubt, blame it on racism”. I guess Olbermann will make the Cambridge police department “The worst people in the world”. Buckle up for the ride, this is going to be a long 3 1/2 years.

  25. I seriously hope Sgt Crowley doesn’t apologize! because he has no reason to. What, with this and hopefully his Obamacare not passing before recess, I do believe we will see another side of our Pres. I for one am tired of “Race Cards” being played! When was the last time anyone saw “White Miss America” or “white colleges” or white only college scholarships or how about the NAAWP and I could go on and on. Yah! its time for change only in the opposite way! Obama, Gates you owe Sgt. Crowley an apology

    • Oh, us poor poor white people. So downtrodden and disrespected by society at large.

      Just last week I went into an all-Black bank and was denied a home loan. It was terribly embarrassing.

  26. Funny how the media was right there pictures and all. Cops are the long arm of the law, when you meet them be courteous and soft spoken. They are the one’s in an awkward position. Go up to some stranger on the street and ask them what they are doing, I’m sure you’ll have a tough time describing it. Tirades make you look unstable, What’s the sweat? Hiding something?

  27. It amazes me, that blacks are ALWAYS crying about police brutality, but when an officer trys to keep a professor out of harms way, this jerk professor tees off on him. Obviously, the officer wanted him out of the house, in order to investigate if anyone had broken in and was still in there. Maybe it will come out that the professor was intoxicated at the time.

  28. I feel this matter did not deserve national attention, however if I tell you no one here has reported a break in, how about a thank you and good bye. I’m inside MY HOME, and i didnt call you. So leave. But the police officer felt like he was being disrespected and he had to show the guy that we had the power – the “police power.” I dont think the police office is a racist – but he refused to allow anyone to challenge his authority. That’s what this is all about. Police power, not racism.

  29. I support officer Crowley 100%, I think he acted professionally. I understand if Mr Gates was acted during confrontaion and it does not matter how important he is, he should not get upset right away for something he can control by explaining to Officer Crowley what was the situation, Mr Gates did this to himself. Officer Crowley is just responding from a 911 call made by a neighbor, Both the neighbor and Officer Crowley got my respect. President Obama should have not made any comment at all. I salute you Officer Crowley, I would do the same thing if am a Police Officer.

    • I really hope your definition of a police officer’s job isn’t to get into pissing contests with harmless 60 year old men with canes in their own homes.

      The burden of diffusing the situation is on the PAID public SERVANT. It was a mistake, he should have said so and left.

  30. I think this whole racial card is crazy. Gates and Obama need to quit using it. They are educated enough to know the police officer had to be cautious and how does he know at the moment who Gates is? Obama had no business making a comment on it. Just as many “whites” got him elected and eventually that race card is going to turn the voters and supporters off.

    • After proof of identification, the officer then claimed he needed more verification from Harvard staff. Even after all of that, he was arrested.

      This is all in the police report.

  31. I wonder where Mr Gates was prior to being driven home and what he had to drink. Maybe this was just the booze talking. (Come on Prof, I am giving you an out)

  32. It’s terrible that a man in his own home & on his own property can’t act “in charge” to a police officer? You answer to a police officer with anything but the words “yes sir” or “no sir” and you get what you deserve. Why? Because once you get to court, the cop’s version of what happened (true or not) will always carry more weight with the judge. Been there, done that, and paid the fine. It’s a shame it had to escalate to this point. But once you mouth off to a cop, or they think you are, they will find a way to shut you up or get you back at a later time. And that’s just human nature regarding police officers. And because both parties were “human” acting poorly, the president should have said he wasn’t familiar with the facts of the case and leave it to be settled by the local authorities. The president should have never responded directly to this incident because now he looks like he’s playing favorites.

  33. It wasn’t Gates job to diffuse the situation with a cop…It is seriously unreal how many don’t understand that it is the cops job to diffuse the situation in this case, regardless of how big a jerk the other guy was….What is protecting and serving about escalating tensions with citizens in non threatening and non public disturbing actions…Why do we think it’s the cops RIGHT to act like this?

    • Exactly.

      The police officer is a PAID SERVANT. He is there to PROTECT AND SERVE, not to get into pissing contests with 60 year old men with canes who just got off a 22 hour plane ride.

  34. Both Gates and Obama should apologize to the police officer. The officer was doing his job. I would be happy knowing that the police were being so watchful of my residence if it appeared that someone was breaking into it. I am so weary of false racist claims. It appears that Gates is an angry man, and not just because he was arrested. He seems to me to be a “typical old grumpy man”.

    • You are “weary” of claims, others are weary of it actually happening to them.

      Your burden of weariness is far outpaced by those who deal with it day in and day out.

      Turn your T.V. off and go back to your all-White circle of friends. You can pretend racism is gone forever. Seems easy enough, right?

  35. Way OT but since Lopps is a baseball fan I felt I can do this. Obama will be happy that’s for sure.

    Mark Buehrle throws a perfect game

    By Mark Gonzales

    White Sox ace Mark Buehrle retired 27 straight Tampa Bay batters in a 5-0 victory Thursday afternoon.

    Buehrle was aided by a great catch by center fielder Dewayne Wise who took a home run away from Gabe Kapler.

    In the seventh, B.J. Upton led off with a line drive that barely landed foul down the left field line, and then grounded out to shortstop Alexei Ramirez. Carl Crawford grounded back to Buehrle for the second out, and a majority of the 28,036 fans roared when Evan Longoria hit a fly to right before Jermaine Dye caught it.

    In the sixth, rookie third baseman Gordon Beckham made two exceptional plays to retire the first two batters.

  36. um, maybe the cop just should have gone his own way after having seen Dr. Gate’s ID. So what if he went on a tirade on his own property. The cop should have just left at that point. So maybe Dr. Gates was being an a-hole, he still should not have been arrested for it.

    All of you commenting that the cop was right for what he did, just imagine one thing:

    What if the same thing happened to you at your home? Might you not have reacted similarly? Who knows? Every day is different. Maybe you just had a bad day.

    It just seems the same old thing to me: You must obey the cop at all times no matter WHAT the situation. Even if the cop is being a dick? I don’t know how many times I’ve been faced with such cops at a traffic stop. It’s the same every time trying to lecture you on your behavior. Why can’t they just be nice for a change? Sure they’re “risking their lives” everyday. A little politeness and human decency is still in order instead of a power trip every time.

    • Do you realize how many times a day that same cop stops people for the same reason “speeding or whatever” and gets a different BS excuse everytime?
      Whats wrong with “I am sorry officer i was speeding” and be done with it? Dont bite the hand that feeds you.

    • “A little politeness and human decency is still in order instead of a power trip every time.”
      Right – but it works both ways.
      I’ve been around the block a few times and have had my share of “discussions” with police officers. Except for one notable incident, I have never felt the need to ‘kiss butt’, grovel, ‘yessir/nosir’, etc. I talked to the man the same way I expected him to talk to me – and that’s what I got. In those times that I disagreed with the reason I was pulled over, I refrained from screaming or otherwise insulting him/her, and guess what – they listened politely, even though they disagreed. The same was true of those few times when an officer came to my door (and asked me to step outside while we talked). Not to mention that, in every case, I had the option of taking the case to court to plead my position.
      Bottom line – How is it that people don’t want to be treated like barnyard droppings, but plead a Constitutional right to treat others that way?

  37. It barely matters whether Obama brought this up or was asked. He should have stopped his comments with the words “I don’t know the facts.” Instead he spun this into same old no-personal-responsibility fairy tale that says all bad things that happen to black people are the result of racism. The only thing he didn’t do was trot out the equally ridiculous & tired corollary that says that bad things don’t happen to white people.

    What happened here was that a priviliged and connected Harvard prof thought he should be above the law. And his politically powerful friends agreed and had the charges dropped. And instead of doing it quietly, they had to vilify some poor working class cop while they were at it.

    • “same old no-personal-responsibility”

      Too bad the President himself has been preaching against this very mindset every time he touches on race.

      7 1/2 more years, I know it burns you up, doesn’t it?

  38. I am so outraged by Obama’s flippant and daft comment about Sgt. Crawley’s judgment. As usual, people on the outside of law enforcement’s very systematic and regulated world lay blame on the officer for enforcing the law that is responsible for protecting you and your property and then are the first to sue the police if things don’t go their way.

    Mr. Gates seems like an arrogant prick who perhaps refused to cooperate with the police, foregoing the fact that a neighbor had called them there and the officer must thoroughly investigate.
    I wouldn’t doubt there was an officer safety issue, also, with Gates going off and chasing after the officer outside.

    And guess what America, black people account for more arrests of both property and violent crimes each year than other races. So why must we pretend that being more suspicious of black subjects is morally outrageous when it’s based on criminal justice facts?

    • Fiona you are living proof of living ignorance that plagues both our police forces and minds of many closed minded Americans… Of course PROFILED people will be arrested more often… People are individuals!

    • And NIc, you obviously live in a perfect world “profiled people get arrested more often” What fiona is saying is lets call a “spade a spade” (oops bad pun) white 70 year old women didn’t bring down the towers on 9/11 muslim extremists did. But we’re so damn busy trying to be politically correct we check 70 year old white women at the airports for bombs, god forbid we profile! If a certain group demograph is more guilty than others of crime than it stands to reason for the protection of EVERYONE they will be and should be profiled! We should all start a new political action group called the NAAWP

      • Sorry I forgot to add Obama is a bonehead for not knowing the facts before he put in his two cents concerning “racial profiling” however you can hardly blame him he is one of the most despised minority’s, he’s a Lawyer. and obviously not a very good one

  39. Hey Kevin:
    The use of “white trash” is pretty much analagous to the “n” word. Just something to think about as you drop it ever so casually numerous times on this blog. Of course, you won’t be arrested for using the white slur. And save your history lesson about how it differs for someone else. It’s offensive, and that’s all that matters.

  40. Wow, the biggest “idiot” in this dustup is without a doubt the potus. I mean all he had to do was reply, “Sorry, it would be inappropriate of me to comment since there is an ongoing investigation.” No wonder he gave up lawyering to become a politician.No intelligence required. They called Bush a rock. bwahahahaahahaha!

    • “Charge was dropped after arrest” is sign of stupid thing. So apprently, someone has brain that realizes charging someone “… public place…” that actually happens at home is no winner. Again, don’t play political game here, just want to bring my point – to get this far for this instance is pretty stupid.

  41. As a person who was HATE CRIMED and arrested by PROVIDENCE POLICE while attending BROWN UNIVERSITY… I know exactly how MR. Gates Feels… I was simply driving my car which happened to be a high end brand car… I was pooled from my car my windows were beaten out and I was taken to jail… No one would talk to me or help me or even tell me what i did… I heard the police say “he’s got a gun” and “oh s*&% he goes to Brown”… needless to say I got a lawyer the charges were dropped and my record expunged but the emotional trauma I faced in my last year of college were unreal… close to CNN the local papers published the elaborate lies authored by the Providence police department officer (which later they had to eat…)I was apologized to privately by the Chief of Police but was not offered to repairs to my car nor counseling… probably because I chose not to sue… (I wanted to graduate and get out!) So needless to say this story is very familiar to me and my heart goes out to those who can not see that this behavior by the Sg. Crowley was a “stupid act” It happens all the time America… welcome to a glimps of a day in the life of Black men…

      • Steve your missing the forest for the trees… Of course I went to Brown Class of 07 look up the story… I’m not surprised you attack my grammer rather than commenting on my account… P.s. your grammer seems to be questionable!

      • your a liar NIc
        i dont believe a word of it
        it all falls back to you saying you went to brown,must think were all really stupid

        and my grammer isnt the best i know that,but i dont claim to have went to brown,i went to a community college and got my asso.

        and i didnt comment on your story cause i think your a liar

      • Why don’t you do your research… Call BROWN and ask… VERY easy to do… this happened 2 and half years ago… the papers are there… But Steve you calling me a liar is reminiscent of those officers pitching me from car to car… and taking ME to a Jail… and just so you Know STEVE this made the news because Proff. Gates is a well known author… this happens everyday to many people who look like me… I’m actually happy you find this unreal(you get a glimps of the disbelief I felt while my rights were being trashed) Oh by the way, another Brown student was beat the same month after police thought he was breaking into a dorm… (he was a student visiting his girlfriend on the fire escape) Didn’t make the news STEVE!

      • YES, I do Believe you went to community college… and by the way police records are open to the public…

      • rirst off you did not go to brown,and why didnt you sue? like your so full of it

        and the other student,why the hell was he on the fire escape,the use of that is for an escape from a fire
        kind of common sense and then he deserved it for being an idiot

        but i love how nothing was documented with your beating

  42. Anyone notice the “BLACK” cop standing there when the professor is being arrested? Look at this picture for proof.

    If there was racism involved, why didnt the black cop help?

    • He was actually the only officer to step forward and tell the others not to handcuff a 60-YO with a cane BEHIND his back.

      • Really? You read this where? And they actually wrote “the only Black cop asked for the cuffs to be placed in front of his body?”….c’mon dude that’s bull.

  43. According to the news reports, AND Sgt Crowley’s official report, by the time of the arrest, he had (1) already confirmed that Mr Gates was at his own residence, and (2) a number of other police officers were on-site.

    What happened is that Sgt Crowley was then in an unpleasant situation … ironically, for refusing to identify himself, the exact issue that was the start of HIS annoyance at Mr. Gates … and he solved that problem in his favor by using his police power to arrest someone who was annoying him by challenging his authority. While that citizen was on his own property, not a

    May or may not have been racially motivated, or tinged. That’s hard to prove.

    But abuse of police power ? How could you argue otherwise? I wish I could arrest everybody who annoyed me, and cause them the annoyance, cost, embarrassment and permanent record resulting from a trip downtown.

  44. Oh how fast we are to judge. Once I was in a conversation with two black americans, one of then used the N word towards the other. Now, the word was delivered not as an attack, but as jive language between them. However, another individual in the next room over heard the conversation, and took me to my boss. I was lucky in that both the black americans and my boss knew that things was not what the complainer interpeted as a racial remark. I believe the President of the United States was totally wrong. I was not their, nor was he, will I take sides no I will not because I do not know what happen.

  45. Ya dumb mick! How many 68 year old B&E guys do you know? Who use a Boston Cabbie as a lookout? The cop is a moron who escalated somthing beyond all reason. When you have positive ID that the guy is the owner LEAVE. No this cop mouths off to the guy and slaps cuffs on him; he will probaly have to go on stress leave for this; MORON

    • “ya dumb mick”
      thats not a racist comment
      anyways like i said earlier maybe you should look into the news a little more,there is more 68 B&E guys then you think,and considering the where the officer works and the fact that he is a srg.,he has probably seen a few of them,so therefore can not rule anyone out
      and the officer never saw the cab,the witness who called it in saw the cab,thats on her,not the officer

    • Actually, Gates mouthed off and refused to show ID…that’s why got him arrested. The story you are putting forward is just the liberal damage control version designed to rewrite the event and make the cop sound at fault. Sorry..but it’s wrong. Original statements indicated Gates never ever mentioned showing his ID until he wound up be threatened with arrest..and he even resisted then because he’s a racist and saw this as an opportunity to get his name in print and a way to score rainbow points by scamming a white guy into a “racial confrontation”. This nation doesn’t buy it..sorry.

      • Oh, right…police reports are 100% factual.

        you don’t have to be Black to know this is a crock of sh*t.

  46. This entire blog is just an excuse fro cretins like you to vent your fury at haveing a President you can’t abide. get used to it

    TWO TERMS get used to it you fathead

      • You will have the next seven and a half years for your ridiculous commentary; you couldn’t carry the POTUS bag; he has two degrees; how many do you have


      • Degrees don’t mean anything…they just mean you showed up at a college enough to get a piece of paper, and in Obama’s case smoke a little crack too. George Bush had a Masters..but you would be the first to say how ignorant he is wouldn’t you? Don’t worry about being a hypocrit j palmer…we all know you are so just go ahead. By the way..I too have a Masters…does that make be smart or dumb? Nope..I’m not judging Obama by his education…Hitler was educated…I’m judging Obama by his actions…and so far…he’s a 100% undeniable dumb ass.

  47. Simple solution to all this: the Cambridge police, fire, and 911 should not respond anymore to any calls from or regarding the Gates address. Obviously Gates had no sense of gratitude to public officials (one who was white) for having responded to a 911 call and putting themselves in harm’s way in an attempt to protect Gates’ home and possessions. Gates’ automatic and inbred bristling to an interaction with a white person shows how ingrained racism is in the black community. Obama further demonstrated this racism based on his assumptions and tirade during his press conference although he admitted at the outset that he was not familiar with the actual facts of the case. It’s time to ban all political organizations based on race (NAACP, La Raza, etc) and race-based affirmative action plans. They simply continue to encourage the playing of the race card and reinforce the “victim” mentality as Gates and Obama have so aptly demonstrated in this case.

  48. This wa s stupidity by the COP! As evidence, he was previously a campus cop and we know how competent they are. he got his Irish up because a black guy got in his face. Too Bad.

    he should be assigned to Roxbury or Jamaica Plain

    • Just below the surface the N word rears its ugly and racoist, uneducated cracker KKK head.

      This is who likes this blog a bunch of lynch mob whites in bed sheets

    • well palmer “cracker KKK head” isnt racist also? can you not be the bigger man and not resort to racism? It takes racism to bring out racism and i made my comments to prove just that.

      i understand your confusion Ed and hope the following helps.

      Now for the rest of you. I used the word nigger just as a tool for this conversation. For the record my mother is a black American. Black people need not be offended by that word any more. Take its power away and no one can harm you with it! If you are black and offended by my use of that word then my greatest apologies.

  49. This cop keeps making it worse and worse. He screwed up! It never should have gotten this far once positive proof that the guy lived there was given. But it seems he has a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind. This guy seems to have a bit of Napoleonic complex. He needs to apologize and move on. Cops make mistakes too. His superiors must finish this one way or another. Gates is in the right to sue and he will win. No one should be arrested for going into his own house. Gates could have busted the door open, it is his door. Broken his window, it is his window. We don’t live in Iran, this is America and this kind of thing should not happen here. Yes I’m angry and I would be too if this happened to me. The police have a lot to explain in this. And, Yes President Obama was right in saying what he did.

    • If you can’t figure out what the charges are you should just be quiet. Disorderly Conduct. He was screaming loud enough a crowd gathered and he wouldn’t stop after being asked twice. Watch an episode of cops. White people are hauled off quite frequently for that.

  50. As Americans, we have the right to be arrogant pricks if we choose, that is not a crime, especially not if you do it within the confines of your own legal “castle.” (And for what it’s worth, that’s what King George thought about the people who wrote our Constitution too.)

    • actually it does matter where you are,he could of been anywhere
      so your saying you can break the law,just as long as your in the confines of your own home???
      and saying things can be construded as being threatning,watch what you say

      • HE DIDN”T BREAK ANY laws you morons; he was in his own house and produced valid ID end of story. That dumb, Irish, dough-faced, ex campus cop, flatfoot blew it; BIG TIME

      • the police officer did not know what he did
        its getting ridiculous in this country that when a police officer asks for some id hes automatically a racist,when in fact its gates that is a racist,the dumb ass harvard teacher just figured hed get some plubicity and realize that he most likely will get out of everything whenever he encounters a police officer because they dont want to be considered as a racist
        and j palmer the officer wasnt living in the future,he didnt know who the man was and what he was doing,you always have to be perpared for the worst in situations like that

        your an idiot

      • (to Steve) So your position is that repeatedly asking a cop for his identification and being loud and obnoxious is a crime ?


        From my point of view, you’re being loud and obnoxious and annoying right now. So from your logic, it’d be okay for the police to come take you from your home and lock you up for that?

        (If you’ll give us your address, maybe someone can phone in a complaint, and we’ll see if you get treated with more consideration than Mr. Gates.)

      • He didn’t break a law, thus the dropped charges.

        Please explain why, as of today, there are no formal charges filed against this man?

        Because he did nothing wrong.

      • and no that would not work
        i did not say annoying at all,but if i were to make threatining comments tword you,yes you could call the police,i doubt your local police department could do anything because it is an internet crime and unless you live in the same neighborhood as me it wouldnt help much

  51. Obama and Gates are the ones that need to supply the apology. What Obama said just proves something I said the day he took office, he would fully self destruct as a president within the first 2 years of his term. Obama will forever go down in history as the worst 1 term president this nation will have ever experienced. He’s a worst disaster than Katrina.

    • Ed what you say proves something too. Your judgment of him was made before he took any actions. Your judgments cannot be based on fact as they are clearly made before he did anything at all. I wonder what it must be? What is different about him than the rest of our presidents? Hmmm.

      For any president to ever be worse than Bush, they would have to try deliberately to screw up. That bar has been set so low, no one will ever be worse. Of course your opinions are made before the facts but saying it makes it so no matter how many of your ignorant friends might agree with you.

    • Ed, No the worst one term and two term President was Bush (take your pick) he fucked this country good and you and your ilk are too stupid to get it. You got hosed while he doled out trillions in borrowed Chines money to his rich friends. Your kids, and their kids have to pay it back. Tell me how you like paying the same tax rate as Trump?

      • You can defend and worship him all you want won’t change the fact he’s an inept corrupt socialist dumb ass….the only people who would support him and follow him are other dumb asses just like him. 3 More years and then I can rest easy. Only way he get’s re-elected in 2012 is if he runs against a child-rapist pedophile who burns the elderly at the stake and sacrifices kittens to satan..and even then, it would be too close to call till the last moment…

  52. All you idiots trying to use this as a way to vent on your black president are pretty transparent. You whine about him “injecting himself” into this and “not having all the facts”. None of you have all the facts either, yet you would never know it from your posts. He was asked a question and he answered it after stating that this is all I know and if these are the facts (something none of you haters bothered to do either). From the facts as we know them so far, the police did act stupidly in arresting him. If there are more facts (as the President acknowledged there may be) than the opinions may change with added facts. You people are just like the birthers that can hold the proof in their own hands and still deny it out of blind hatred for a black president. Lie to yourselves, we see right through it.

    • John

      Spitfire and all the other mouth breathers on this blog are all semi pro haters. They drool over Sarah Palin cause they think she’s winking at them. The same people who elected an alcoholic that they’d “rather have a beer with” will vote for a MILF with out a coherent thought cause “she’s hot” They are lifes losers and don’t know that when they vote GOP they vote AGAINST their own economic self interest. Too dumb to live

      • Hey I was told that if I voted for McCain we would get an idiot for Vice President. Well I did and we did.

  53. This is beyond “blown out of proportion”. If the guy would have followed the cops directions it would have been done with as soon as he was verified, but he had to act all crazy and disorderly. And of course play the race card..of course! That is what this guy teaches people/students to do. Don’t rise above… bitch and moan.
    I have an alarm system on my home. I am a white woman. i set off my alarm at 1 am one morning. The cops showed up. I had to step outside in my pajamas, in the middle of the night, so the cops could verify my name and address. I did so…kept my mouth shut, got it done with (it as my fault to begin with for not knowing my password), and went back to bed.
    This professor should get a reality check of the real world, beyond his history books and the giant chip on his shoulder.
    And to those that say he had ID with the address on it. How many times are there divorces and the ex breaks in to kill his ex and or entire family??? Ever think of that? I’m sure Betty Broderick could have whipped out her old ID with her address on it too.

    • oh, and as far as Obama sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. WOW….he just lost a lot of credibility in my book. If he is going to make a statement about this, I fear what else he will say when it comes to worldwide relations. Think about WHO you are backing up here…the right or the wrong?? The cop who was doing his job, or the jerk who broke into his house, wouldn’t cooperate, and threw a bitchfest? In this case he is obviously backing the WRONG! Scary! Obama needs to apologize to every cop in America IMO.

      • Sigh, Sy, Cy, Seye?

        You are waaaay f’ed up the cop is the provocateur (look it up) not the legal homeowner. Many cops are simply authoritarian personalities and thugs in jack boots. They have power over citizens and misuse it. Waitt till they grab your sorry ass

      • Why’d they drop the charges then?

        Let me guess, some drivel about “fear of repurcussion from Black people” or lawsuits or some other such nonsense.

        Not the fact that they were, indeed, simply “wrong”.


      • We get it. By all of your comments you think the professor was abused, and wrongfully arrested. Why do you have to attack everyone who has a different opinion?
        You must have been one of Gate’s students. He taught you the art of verbal combat… I would say well, but I honsetly don’t think by you stating they will “grab my sorry ass”, that I can attribute that trait to you.

  54. From now on, a white police officer should just walk away from any black or hispanic person, no matter what’s going on. Then we’ll see how the blacks and hispanics like it. Hey, believe it or not, white cops screw up and arrest white people when they have no cause to. Yep. It’s true. White cops are capable of screwing up even against “their own kind”. Get a life people. Get a life Obama. I’m sick of this crap.

    • Sick of “hearing about it” is no measure to those who are sick of “dealing with it”.

      Let us know when you actually “deal with it” firsthand. Until then, turn off your T.V. and go back to your culturally homogeneous friend circle. You’ll never have to hear about racism again.

      • Hey Ron, I hear the good professor is dealing just fine on the exclusive whitish enclave of Martha’s Vineyard. Old blizzard white me hanging with the rednecks.

    • Sorry, I can’t agree with that, Susan. Officers of the law are there to protect ALL people. While I don’t see the racism in this particular case, it would be ill-advised to use this case in the national dialogue to further racism with your suggestion.

  55. Folks, we are NEVER going to agree on this issue because our life experiences are difference; our realities are different. In White communities police officers are helpful, protect and serve. In Black communities’ police are feared. Case in point; in most Black neighborhoods if someone witnesses a crime unfortunately they are usually afraid to call the police – not for fear of the criminal, but for fear of the police. Now, to White folks reading this you are going to think I am making this up, for dramatic effect, but sadly it is the truth. Most Black people are more afraid of the police than they are of criminals. As for the arrest of Dr. Gates, many of you have commented his reaction was irrational; and for your reality it would have been irrational. But you have never been stopped by a policeman because you were in the wrong neighborhood, or because you failed to put on a turn signal when changing lanes, or because you left your turn signal on too long after making a lane change, or because you had 5 people in a mid-size sedan vehicle, or because you ‘fit the profile’. You cannot imagine having to tell your teenage soon that if he is stopped by a policeman, he should turn all the interior lights on in the car, put both hands on the steering wheel and make no moves until he gets permission from the policeman to do so. Because in your reality, citizens don’t get ‘accidentally’ shot by the police. For Dr. Gates, this incident was just one more insult, heaped on a lifetime of insults and he just reached his breaking point. And if you don’t understand what I’m saying it’s because in your reality, with the police or otherwise, race doesn’t matter. But for some of us, unfortunately race does matter.

    • in black communities they are worse because in black communtities thats where most of the bad stuff happens,killers,rapists,drug dealers
      so when they are there they have to be perpared to deal with one of them,because anyone could be one

      j palmer,rodney king,are you serious,that was so long ago drop it already

      • So, if you live in a bad area you should be O.K. with being subjected to discrimination by tax-funded public servants “just because”?


      • (to Steve, again) So Gates’ mistake was living in the Ghetto, because police there have to be equipped with a proactively tough attitude?

        That would be that well-known ghetto, Cambridge, Massachusetts ???

        (If you keep digging this hole I predict you will ultimately emerge in China.)

      • ( to d.d)
        see you keep misunderstanding what i am saying, i was not talking about gates when i said that,i was responding to someone elses comments

  56. Crowley is a jerk with a superiority complex. He should come to NJ and get straightened out. When Gates started mouthing off, Crowley should have backed off. It became a “pissing” contest between two men and Crowley should have known better as he was a trained officer. Using authority to arrest Gates was 100% wrong. Hopefully Gates sues his sorry ass.

    • Can I just point out that Crowley referenced himself in third person?


      I agree, both men were engaged in a testosterone fueled pissing contest, but the officer is the one who is being paid to protect and serve and should be held to a higher standard.

      He was wrong and the department dropped the charges accordingly.

  57. If it wasn’t a mistake, why were the charges dropped?

    None of you can answer that without platitudes and reaches in logic.

    End of discussion.

    • The charges were dropped because the POTUS stuck his nose into an area of state business he had no right to with no knowledge of the situation. Political terrorism. What municipality (especially an already liberal butt licking one) would not cower in fear of the mighty lord Obama taking notice of them? Of course they dropped the charges..Obama basically issued a POTUS “Don’t make me come down there whitey!”.

      • “The charges were dropped because the POTUS stuck his– ”

        All I needed to read, as the charges were dropped PRIOR to our President ever answering a question about it. Thus Obama making reference to the DROPPING OF THE CHARGES in his reply.

        Try again, Sparkles.

    • actually cops do it all the time. Its a “last ditch” effort to diffuse a situation. Take the suspect away from his audience and let things calm down then let him go about his way.

      • So that makes it right? Legal?


        Thus, “stupid”.

        Resulting in an apology from the city and dropped charges against a man who did nothing.

        If he had done SOMETHING, he’d be facing a court date.

  58. Friendship aside, as the chief law enforcement officer of our country, President Obama should not had offered his biased comment and refrained from saying too much, especially since he said he did not have all of the facts. When you have a complaint regarding a cop, abuse, racial profiling, etc., you keep your mouth shut, follow his directives and then you go to the police station and file a written complaint. This does more good than opening one’s mouth and inserting foot like the professor did.

  59. What is so difficult about being respectful to a cop, especially one who was responding to a possible break in YOUR house? Turn the tables: What if the cop had checked the ID of a “black” robber, which matched the address of the residence, and let the robber go? The robber then went on to vandalize the house and take thousands in property and valuables. What would Grimes be crying then? Incompetency by the police? Racial profiling because the police officer saw that pictures in the house were of “black” family members and would have fired back with the common, stereotypical line about how “white” people think all “black” people look alike?

    This is a great discussion because we’re looking at just how tenuous race can be…and how not every situation can be related to race or racism.

  60. In response to Allen’s comments about fear of police and how a Black son is trained to react to a vehicle stop, I need to comment. I worked for a major law enforcement agency for 35 years as a civilian employee. I remember sitting in a briefing one day, with both civilian and sworn personnel and being reminded by a sergeant to to react to a cop when a vehicle stop was made. Keep your hands on the steering wheel, when approached, ask permission to go into your jacket, purse glove compartment for wallet with ID or registration, be polite, if a police officer, state you are a police officer and advise them that you are armed and tell them where the gun is. Let the officer decide whether you or he will retrieve it. These reminders to us were because police officers are sometimes shot and killed making a routine traffic stop. The procedures I advise individuals to take when stopped is for everyone’s safety. I instructed my son and daughter how to react to a police officer in the street, what to say, how to act and what their rights are if they think they are being abused. All parents should do this. This is not a particular Black thing.

  61. Mr. Gates is such a victim, living in an affluent community and probably used to everyone kissing his stupid ass.

    Obama was stupid. Period. If you don’t know the facts, don’t give an analysis. You’re a f’king lawyer, right Mr. President?

    You get into a face of a cop – white, black, asian, latino – cop will arrest you. if the cop was black, I’m sure Gates would have served him up a Scotch and said, “good job my brother. Good to know you are looking out for me.”

    • You’re probably scared of 60 year old men with canes, too.

      If they weren’t wrong, why did the charges get dropped and the city apologized?

      C’mon, give me some random, meandering drivel about liberals and lawsuits.

      • A bit obsessed with age aren’t you Ron, just like our empathetic potus. I know a few 60 year olds who can kick arse, including my spouse.The poor “old man” drone is tedious and rather bigoted. Old men can use knives or guns, and canes were carried by 19th century gentlemen as weapons.

  62. Cops don’t like to be given grief, and they will almost always go ballistic when people ask for their name and badge number in a belligerent way—and that’s usually the case even in liberal-leaning ‘blue states’. What’s pathetic and maddening is when police ‘cop-out’ (pun intended) and cowardly employ the disorderly conduct charge to get their way with people they don’t like (like at political demonstrations & events), or who aren’t cooperating with them. While it’s true that cops in urban areas have a difficult job, it’s also true that police regularly abuse their power when they get pissed-off or want to bully somebody—and the odds are they’ll get away with it.

    • This is the real answer.

      Take all the race talk out of it, even Obama said he couldn’t comment on the “race” aspect.

      The cop and the professor got into a pissing contest on the professor’s own property, and the cop’s superiority complex couldn’t let that happen.

      They dropped the charges because this fact.


      • Obama most certainly brought race into it, get your lips off his nether regions and watch the entire vid.

  63. “I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry,” Obama said. “Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three — what I think we know separate and apart from this incident — is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that’s just a fact.”

    Obama is a race baiting jerk, way above his pay grade indeed.He has commented again today, the guy cannot keep his yap shut. The best parts about the entire incident are that it happened in uber liberal Cambridge and it was a neighbor who called the police.So much for good samaritans, lol!

    • Occasionally I’ll pop in to say high to some of the regulars. I haven’t logged in since I started posting over here, so I don’t know if I’ve been banned.

      • You ought to check. Also I suspect that most of your friends there are gone (either banned or self banned – the blog has unfortunately changed ).

  64. In visiting the numerous blogs on this incident, I’ve noticed one thing about the comments which support Professor Gates and criticize Sgt. Crowley. These people demonstrate that they have read nothing about the actual incident and they appear to know none of the details.

    First of all, Professor Gates NEVER showed an ID with his address on it, nor did he ever prove to the officer that he was the resident. All he did was wave his Harvard ID in the officer’s face, trying to intimidate him, and that’s why the officer had to call Harvard Campus Police to verify Gates’ identity. At that point, Sgt. Crowley stated in a radio transmission that he was “probably talking to the owner of the residence, but he is being very uncooperative.”

    Now, you may ask, why was it necessary for Professor Gates to be cooperative with the officer once the Campus police had confirmed his identity? According to the 9-1-1 call, there was a second possible suspect, who Gates never bothered to explain to the officer. As far as Sgt. Crowley was concerned, there might still be someone in the house.

    Officer Crowley did NOT demand that Professor Gates come outside with him. The professor followed Sgt. Crowley onto the porch, yelling at him and accusing him of being a racist cop. This commotion brought neighbors out into the street, and as of today nobody has contradicted Sgt. Crowley’s description of what transpired. Crowley asked Gates three times to calm down, warning him that he could be arrested for creating a disturbance. This only caused Professor Gates to ratchet up his belligerent attitude. Again, this has not been contradicted by any of Gates’ neighbors who were only a few feet away.

    Since the incident, Professor Gates has lied about two things: first, he lied when he said that he cooperated with the officer complied with all of his requests. Second, he lied when he said that he couldn’t have screamed at the officer because he had contracted a throat condition during his recent trip to China. The day after the incident, after the charges had been dropped as a courtesy to the University, Gates has stated that he wants to “keep the issue alive” and that he plans to sue officer Crowley and the city of Cambridge. He may even produce a documentary about the whole affair, forever defining himself as the victim of racial profiling.

    The fact is, Gates knows full well that racial profiling played no role in this situation. Gates’ own neighbor called the Cambridge Police Department and stated that two black men with backpacks were trying to break into his home. When officer Crowley looked through the glass panes on Gates’ front door, he didn’t see Gates. He saw a potential suspect who fit the caller’s description. The fact that Gates uses a cane and that he’s in his fifties is totally irrelevant.

    I doubt that President Obama would have personally called Sgt. Crowley and offered his “explanation” of his remarks unless he had heard the police dispatcher’s tapes. When those tapes are made public, as they should be, Professor Gates will be exposed for what he is: an arrogant, entitled, angry man who decided to apply his own form of racial profiling to a white cop. It is ironic that, in this situation, Professor Gates became what he has loathed his entire life.

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