GOP Rep: It took Obama six months to pick a puppy, but he wants health care reform in six days?

This is my favorite video of the day

GOP Rep. Nathan Deal of Georgia pwnes Obama by pointing out that it took him six months to pick out a puppy yet he wants Congress to pass a 1000+ page health care bill in six days.

“Most of us believe that the decision as to major reform of how Americans get their health care in this country deserves at least as much time and deliberation as it would take to select a puppy to reside in the White House.

It took the president six months to decide…which puppy he was going to have. To expect Congress to do something on major health care reform in six days is totally irresponsible.”

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Update:  Dirk you rock.

7 thoughts on “GOP Rep: It took Obama six months to pick a puppy, but he wants health care reform in six days?

  1. The mask is starting to come off The Dear Leader and what he has in store for us (European style Socialism) will kill small to medium size businesses, ratchet up unemployment and give us massive inflation – is not pretty to contemplate.

  2. Lopps,

    I’m glad I could help. I am curious though. On my end it is telling me that the comment I posted earlier is still waiting “moderation”.

    What’s up with that?

  3. Dirk,

    I don’t know why, but your comment was waiting for approval as was one from Scipio. I approved them both. Please send me an email if it happens again.

  4. The GOP utterly failed over the past decade to pass any health care reform. People are dying or going broke because of it. As will the deficit. Yet ignorant people compare not getting health care reform now to getting a puppy. That speaks volumes about their priorities. Which are not protecting people but insurance companies. Thank goodness health care reform is coming soon with or without the Republicans on board. For which the nation is grateful. You can bet on that.

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