Laura Rosen-Cohen to Jews: Muslims Just Aren’t That Into You

Excellent article in Frontpage by Laura Rosen-Cohen.

“I have the highest respect for the religion of Islam, and recognize the heroic efforts of many religious leaders in contemporary Iran to stand up to the repressions wrought by the ruling system,” says Jewish human rights activist Irwin Cotler.

“I refuse to associate these crimes generically with the mullahs of Iran, and I deplore any attempt to do so,” he continued in his July 24th letter to the editor. And thus began yet another misguided chapter of the never-ending Jewish and liberal quest for the Islamic world to “like us”. Cotler’s bizarre statements have little to do with reality.  Iran is where religious fervour , led by a religious leader-the Ayatollah Khomeni, brought upon the Islamic revolution. It is religious fervour — inspired by a perverse interpretation of Shiia Islam — that motivates Iran’s genocidal leader, with the continued blessings of the religious establishment.

It has been said that a definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Certainly, there can be no better explanation for Jews, and particularly liberal Jews to keep trying new ways of currying favour in the eyes of the Islamic world.

How many strategies have been tried? Too many to list in one short article. But a few noteworthy projects deserve a mention. In Israel, the Jews have tried to give away “land for peace”, and that has failed miserably time and time again. Egypt is a despotic regime, with the fanatic Muslim brotherhood gaining more political ground each passing day.  It maintains a frigid and grudging “peace” with Israel and the “peace” with Jordan is only measurably more civil. Israel sends civil aid to disaster zones all over the world, performs open-heart surgeries on Arab babies, gives Arab Israeli citizens full rights under the law, and even treats Palestinian terrorists at Israeli hospitals, but it’s still not enough. Israel has Arab members of the Knesset, and despite the terrorist threat implicit in it, successive Israeli leaders continue to commit to the founding of a Palestinian state. But that’s still not enough for the Muslim world.

In the Jewish diaspora, and under the heavy influence of socialist and Marxist dogma, liberal Jews pour small fortunes into “inter-faith” causes, conferences and dialogues in the hopes of finding “greater understanding” with the Islamic world in general-and in particular with the Palestinians.

Dear fellow Jews, what is so hard to understand about “we hate your guts,  and will continue to kill and maim you”? Just last week, an “inter-faith” Rabbi, the guest speaker at an ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) conference was shocked … shocked to hear that one of the guest imams felt that Jews deserved the Holocaust because they turned their backs against Allah.  What is so hard to understand about that?

Jews continue to support the Liberal party in Canada, and the Democratic party in America, despite the obvious and undeniable evidence that their true friends are on the Christian, Zionist political right.  Unfortunately, their commitment to liberalism trumps their commitment to their own people.

Here in Canada, the multi-cultural outreach by Jews to Muslim Canadians continues with the Canadian Jewish Congress funding such initiatives as scholarships for Somali Canadians. Where is the reciprocity in these activities? When was the last time you heard about the King Abdullah scholarship for Jews? Or the American Muslim scholarship fund for Jews? Have you ever been to a Jewish conference where a genocide or an individual death of a Muslim person was described, in theological terms, as being justifiable? Have you ever heard a Jew celebrate when a Muslim has been murdered? When is the last time a Jew gleefully beheaded an enemy, video taped it and uploaded it onto YouTube?

Jews: get this through your head once and for all. The Islamic world, under its current leadership, is just not into you.

(emphasis mine)

12 thoughts on “Laura Rosen-Cohen to Jews: Muslims Just Aren’t That Into You

  1. I was not quite sure what to make of your piece, although thats politely putting it in one hand. The Muslim world unfortunately is not that into Zionist, I am not even going to say Jews because thats ridiculous. Zionists are jsut like every other fascists and extremists in the past present and probably future, so your allegations are also extreme. Your examples of incidents are disproprotionate and in accurate in some cases….obviously I am not surprised. Israel has committed genocide in Gaza and continues to evade International Law and commits Human Rights abuses, so why have you chosen to bypass these? Also generalisations are slightly childish and so are your accusations and finger pointings. Eygpt is a die hard Israel fan, just like the US adminstrations……so why are you seeking sympathy. I feel sorry for the Palestinians that are paying the heavy price of being the location for EU intellects who conned their way into occupying it with Blessings from Europe, after Europes treatment of Jews which is similar…YES…similar to the way Israel is conducting its propaganda and killings of Palestinians. Be balanced in your perspective and admit the truth!

  2. Safeerah, the story was not speaking to Muslims, but to foolish Jews who are under the mistaken notion that Islam is reasonable.

    By tossing out the canard of genocide being committed by Israel you have proved my point.

    If you are looking for truth I suggest you take a peak at the Hamas Charter as THAT is where you will find genocidal references, as in a call for Jihadis to murder Jews. All Jews.

    Am Yisrael Chai!

    • Vagabond, you misunderstand my point because clearly yours is a tit for tat argument, but what I am saying is what majority of people recognise. Israel occupation of Palestine is unjustifiable, Jews and Muslims have lived side by side peacefully.I personally empathise with any human regardless of their creed or backgrounds. I am neither Palestinian nor a Jew. However Israel occupation of the West Bank, its grip on Gaza with the closures of Border…….truly the ‘Open air Prison’ is perfect name for Gaza. So if you think thats not genocide perhaps your definition of genocide is slightly twisted. And your reference to Hamas(clearly did Israel expect no retaliation when it occupied Palestine). Maybe Israel shoud learn a little from US adminstration incursions into foreign lands, no successes yet I’m Afraid.
      Anyone who wishes to oppress another human being is disgraceful and abhorrent, it is unjustifiable. I’m bored with every pro-Israel persons response to this argument ‘go look at Hamas’…….before Israel there was NO HAMAS……there is your answer.

      • I would think that Muslims would understand genocide very well indeed since they were collaborators with the Nazis in World War II and have openly announced their intentions over the decades to slaughter the Jews of Israel. As for “occupation:” I want to thank you for amplifying the fact that to the Muzzies all of Israel is “occupied territory”. As for Gaza, the Gazans have proven how inhumane, violent , sadistic, and murderous they are by their misrule and reing of terror over that area. The Jews foolishly turned greenhouses over to them which would have provided jobs and income and they were destroyed, they spend their time not trying to build a nation but to prepare for Jihad. Any culture that proudly claims that it “worships and welcomes death” is an illegitimate, nihilistic culture that is one step below the animal kingdom. Gaza is sealed off because the civilized need to be protected from the barbarians and Paleostinians are barbarians.

  3. Safeerah, there is no such place or people as Palestinians, it is a political pretense given international support by the Communist supported terrorist Yassar Arafat.Last I checked Gaza is in the control of Arabs, why have they not proceeded to develop the beachfront commercially or any other peaceful productive endeavor? Too busy lobbing rockets, hiding behind children,plotting murders and keeping their people in misery to showcase suffering to the world as evidence of this mythical genocide.

    Please enlighten me as to what you consider “Palestinian” land? The territory offerred and rejected most recently in 1994 or is it all of Israel as Arab maps show? When will Muslims return the property stolen from the expelled Jewish populations of 1 million from Islamic states?

    No bother to answer, you regurgitate Islamist lies and your stated goals are well known.

  4. Two more things – what do you think of Egypt closing off Gaza from the Sinai? I guess the Egyptians do not want any part of the Palestinians either, I can’t imagine why. Also let me get this right – Israel should allow free access to its cities and territory to people who want to suicide bomb them into oblivion?

    By the way Allah is not God and Mohammed was a false prophet.

  5. Scipio, not to mention the countless Arabs who have been treated to superb medical care in Israeli hospitals.Israel and the USA, only countries on the planet who treat their sworn enemies better than many of their own citizens. Some genocide.

  6. vagabond trader
    They’re not interested in quality health care or the thousands of jobs they lost in Israel because they view their children as throw a ways. They always proclaim proudly that “We love death and you love life” as if that is something noble. that is why I say that they are lower then the animal kingdom. Also never forget that these were the people who celebrated on 9/11/01.

  7. Scipio please do enlighten me…oh on second thoughts don’t bother clearly your are deluded. Otherwise your argument (a poor one) would hold weight. It seems your paranoia has reached a critical stage, lol all muslims…..thanks….guess ALL Jews fit into one basket right? Anyhow I’m not even going to respond to Scipio comments because he thinks mere insults and jibes will reach home, totally misguided my friend. Your language is offensive (to anyone who is bothered) and clearly the barabarian is you who holds no intellect or sense your words or manner.

    Let me poitn out again, ordinary Jews and Muslims hold no grudge or nothing against each other. The ones with propagandist and hatred are the ones who submit lies, spread ignorance and animosty amongst people. Obviously both sides have a lot to answer for the state that the middle east is in, but do not come up with silly notions of ahhh Gaza has been given freedom etc etc when its the opposites. Like I said Hate Fascism, Oppression, Hate, Racism, Repression, Torture, Abuses of Human Rights Law ect whether its Ali or Bob!

    So my friends do open your eyes, do not be blinded by hate that obscures compassion and empathy regardless of who is in need of it. Sometimes your enemy is closer then you think.

    • I find jihad offensive. I find suicide bombing in the name of a fake God to be offensive. I find the brutalization of women to be offensive including genital mutilation. I find the idea of blowing up the twin towers and cheering about it in the streets of Ramallah to be offensive. The only thing your “people” have given the world in the past 50 years is:
      1. airplane hijacking
      2. suicide bombing

      Islam has stolen so much form Judaism and Christianity starting with out great prophets Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Jesus, to Kosher food (what you call ‘Halal’), to our holy cities of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron.

      You’re side is lower than the animal kingdom because Lions/Tigers et al and reptiles kill not because they love to but because they need to in order to eat. Your side has a blood lust that is never satiated. Start loving your children more than you hate us and then we might be able to dialogue, until then we will meet on the battlefield and the forces of light always eventually triumphs over the forces of darkness as Adolf Hitler (a great hero of the Arab world by the way) could tell you if he were still alive. You wont get any pap like Bush used to spew about “Islam being a religion of peace” from the likes of me. Whenever I read about dead Arab terrorists, I make a little holiday in my heart as does millions of other Americans.

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