Schumer Threatens Reconciliation To Pass Health Care

This is what they call bipartisanship?


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) often dismisses reporters’ questions on the possibility of reconciliation for health care reform, as his goal has always been to win bipartisan agreement on a plan. Today, though, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), vice chairman of the Democratic Conference, left no doubt that the maneuver — which allows the majority party to pass a bill with just 51 votes rather than 60 — remains on the table.

“No matter what happens, we’re going to enact health care reform by the end of the year,” Schumer said on a conference call with reporters. “And we hope it can be struck in a compromise with our Republican colleagues by September 15, but if the Republicans are not able to produce an agreement we will have contingencies in place. These plans will likely only be considered as a last resort, but make no mistake about it, they remain on the table.”

Schumer later clarified that reconciliation was indeed one of the “contingincies in place,” though he stressed that getting a bipartisan bill was everyone’s priority.

“We hope to get a bipartisan agreement. That’s goal one. If we can’t do that, the second goal is to get a bill done,” he said.

In other words, screw.  We will ignore the will of the people and we will use any means necessary to get this passed.

I think Chucky underestimates the world of hurt that will be aimed at the Democrats should they decide to go down this road.  The American people are watching more closely than ever and he needs to remember that his party won’t be in power forever.


3 thoughts on “Schumer Threatens Reconciliation To Pass Health Care

  1. There has always been something thuggish about Schumer and his New York style brand of politics (think Elliot “Sheriff of Wall Street” Spitzer) that must be a total turn off to the rest of the country. I recall his saying (paraphrasing) “What’s the big deal about little ‘porky’ things here and there in the budget bill?” Don’t get between Schumer and a microphone – you might get trampled to death.

  2. I hope every one of these mofo’s gets the message loud and clear from their constituents when they go home during the recess. If they go ahead with this crap, every one of them who is up for re-election in the mid-terms should be voted out of office.

  3. You know what’s interesting about this? They had to change the rules in the Senate to allow this 51 vote recon instead of the usual 60 vote majority. How did they do it? Reid tacked an amendment onto the budget surplus recon bill – for just health care reform apparently – not crap and tax.

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