Missing! My Senators and Congressman

It’s the August recess and my Congressional representatives are nowhere to be found.  Well, not all of them.  Ted Kennedy is at his Hyannisport compound while he undergoes cancer treatment that would most likely be nixed under ObamaCare.  That leaves my other senator, John Kerry, and my congressman, John Tierney.

I just perused their respective websites for upcoming events and have come to the conclusion that the closest I’ll come to seeing either of them is on the back of a milk carton.

Tierney’s site neglects to mention that he has been on August recess for a week and lists no upcoming events.

Kerry’s site states that foreign travel is causing his schedule to be “in flux” during the August recess.

It leads one to wonder:  Are Tierney and Kerry so used to successfully mailing it in that they don’t feel the need to mix with the unwashed?  Or are they hiding from constituents who are angry and fearful over ObamaCare and don’t want to be embarrassed and end up on YouTube?

Feel free to give their offices a call and ask why Tierney has no public events planned for the recess and whether Mr. Kerry plans to spend the entire break  busy with foreign travel.


Peabody office: 978-531-1669

Lynn office: 781-595-7375


Boston office: (617) 565-8519

Springfield office: (413) 785-4610

Fall River (508) 677-0522


2 thoughts on “Missing! My Senators and Congressman

  1. Same here in CT. Dodd, who is perfectly fit, is using his slow growing cancer as an excuse and Courtney has resorted to the sneaky tactic of posting his schedule on the state democrat website the same day as an appearance.. You may want to check there or the MA tea party might have the info.

    This is being done to purposely stifle citizen participation. They simply do not want to hear from us as The Obama so crudely stated.

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