Obama’s Back Door Town Hall Meeting Protest 8/11/09 – Pictures Included

I just got back from Obama’s kabuki threater town hall meeting at Portsmouth High School.  I didn’t have a ticket so I hung out outside.  I’d say the crowd was split 60% opposed and 40% for the bill.  The police kept each group cordoned off on either side of the road that leads into the high school parking lot.  Ironically, ObamaCare supporters were on the left side and those against it were on the right.

As the time approached 1:00 p.m. we received word that Obama had entered the high school through a back entrance.  Can’t have any photos of the motorcade passing by thousands of protesters, now can we?

The crowd in support of ObamaCare was made up of the AFL-CIO, the SEIU, Planned Parenthood and Greenpeace – to name a few.  95% of the signs on that side were glossy, campaign style numbers which read “HEALTH CARE NOW!” and had the AFL-CIO credit in small print at the bottom.  Conversely, on the side against ObamaCare the signs were almost 100% hand-made. The ObamaCare supporters were bused in – I heard there were seven.  Those opposed to ObamaCare drove themselves and had to walk quite a distance to get to the high school.  Believe me, I was one of them.

So you tell me who is astroturfing and what is being staged.

obamacarre nh town hall 001

She looks like really menacing, huh?

obamacarre nh town hall 002

Queen Nancy will finds this very un-American.

obamacarre nh town hall 003

More angry mobsters!  They look really scary.

obamacarre nh town hall 004

This group came down from Maine.

obamacarre nh town hall 005

Definitely snitch list material.

obamacarre nh town hall 006


obamacarre nh town hall 007

The man on the right is a doctor who opposes ObamaCare.

obamacarre nh town hall 008

It’s hard to read, but that sign says “NEW HAMPSHIRE AFL-CIO” – AKA the PinkyRing Brigade.

obamacarre nh town hall 009

This is Joe from Portsmouth.  No union or ACORN funds for his sign.

obamacarre nh town hall 010

This Pam from Manchester, NH.  She is one of the coordinators for the New Hampshire 9/12 Project.

obamacarre nh town hall 011

This one is sure to give the vapors to the editorial staff at the L.A. Times.

More pictures to come!

Update:  Linked on Instapundit. Thanks!

21 thoughts on “Obama’s Back Door Town Hall Meeting Protest 8/11/09 – Pictures Included

    • Wtf was up with Haters Rally in Washington 9/12???!!! It was nutso!Of all the footage I saw, besides one black minister(?wtf?) that spoke at the rally-(he was booed and jeered at first sight, btw, before he started speaking,and saying things the crowd agreed with..lol),and then there was one vendor selling garbage for the rally … But other than them,it was a sea of white….FREAKIN’ WEIRD!!!!!!they were pumping horribley offense signs over their heads , lookin’ mad as hell!Signs that had the president’s face on a lion’s, and said “This African is lyin'”??!!Why the hell does it matter if he’s AFRICAN?Really, WTF?!UNBELIEVABLE!There were signs that damn near stopped short of a scribbled cartoon of the President hanging from a tree.And I’d even bet money there was atleast one moron wearing “If you ain’t WHITE, you ain’t RIGHT!” t-shirt…..there were very few people of color there that I saw…I wonder why that is???HMMMMMMMMM….And at a time like this , when America is so fragile,that display on 9/12 was a repugnant show of unrelenting backward ignorance, intolerance, and fear. IT AMAZES ME.. Where in the hell were these people when the Bush Administration ACTUALLY lied , and ACTUALLY sent THOUSANDS of young people to their slaughter in the war in Iraq?People have DIED,and are still dying, never to return home- EVER!THOUSANDS came home in flag shrowded boxes. THOUSANDS AMERICANS..DEAD! and NOW???…even though our President hasn’t even been in office for a year,this “America loving” crowd desides to come out and have an “I hate Obama” rally???NOW???REALLY?!It’s nuts but they’d probably elect Howdy f’n Doody , if he’s “RIGHT”good ole boy for the job.They should be ashamed!!!Leave it to FOX “NEWS” to rally up the haters!LOVE NOT HATE!

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  2. Another friend posted pics of buses from Massachusetts and New York bringing in and taking home “health care insurance reform supporters”. They couldn’t find enough in NH locally?

  3. I was inside with my Vietnam Vet neighbor. Lots to say, too little space but one post meeting thing irked me. Excerpt from an email I sent to friends…”
    AP news stories claimed there were no questions from skeptics. “The encounter was so friendly, in fact, that by the end Obama was even asking for skeptical questioners to come forward — to no avail.”

    Absolutely and inexcusably untrue. This AP canard gets picked up in all newspapers and internet sources. President Obama ran out of time having asked skeptics for their questions. Many of us had our hands up to be called on but it was physically impossible. I don’t know why the writer feels it’s important to distort the facts of the meeting to make it appear that everyone was a supporter. As expected, the place was of course stuffed full of Obamabots but still there were several tens of us folks eagerly responding to his request for questions from skeptics. Some few got a chance. He just ran out of time, NOT out of skeptical questions like mine about lack Tort Reform since he spoke repeatedly about cost savings.

    The mainstream press really needs to stop making stuff up to suit their fantasies. No wonder most people no longer trust or read the NY Times, Boston Globe, etc.

    • That’s really crazy – I actually believed that line about there being no skeptics in the audience, mostly because I thought they didn’t let any in. That’ll teach me to kind of almost give the mass media a tiny bit of credit.

  4. “Ironically, ObamaCare supporters were on the left side and those against it were on the right.”

    In what way is this irony?

  5. geez…you guys get so passionate about this stuff. this sort of response to a politician just almost never happens in australia. it’s amazing how the political / cultural climates can be so different from one country to the next. all the power to you though for expressing your voice.

  6. colleenincairns, patriotic Americans are in a twist because we have a commie mobster and his cohorts defecating on our Constitution. Its an American thing, don’t expect librals to understand, let alone Eurocentric societies.

  7. I don’t know why the writer feels it’s important to distort the facts of the meeting to make it appear that everyone was a supporter.

    Because they’re not reporters they are the propoganda arm of the administration.

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  11. Wow, right wingers=corporate lovers have lost it. Fox (37% owned by a Saudi, fact check it) is altering your reality. Liberals had to fight the big money during the depression, liberals will have to save your asses again.

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