More “Mean Signs” From Obama’s Kabuki Summer Tour

Here are some more of those mean signs the little girl (whose mother just happened to be the coordinator of “Massachusetts Women for Obama” during the campaign) was so hurt by:

obamacarre nh town hall 014

As you would expect, this woman drew the ire of the group of her sisters from Planned Parenthood across the street.

obamacarre nh town hall 013

This young patriot is 12.  He brought his mom – not the other way around.

obamacarre nh town hall 015

Nice signs, courtesy of the AFL-CIO.  The blond woman in the middle was one of the loudest chanters.

obamacarre nh town hall 016

Me too, buddy.

obamacarre nh town hall 017

Truer words were never spoken.


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