Hillary Clinton Unhinged In Nigeria, Implies Jeb Bush Rigged 2000 Election For His Brother

Bill Clinton needs to fire up his buddy’s private jet and embark on another humanitarian mission.  This time he needs to rescue his wife from herself.

We’ve all seen the “no you di-int” video rant when asked about her husband.

Now this:

Mrs Clinton said: “In a democracy there have to be winners and losers. And part of creating a strong democratic system is that the losers, despite how badly we might feel, accept the outcome. Because it is for the good of the country we love.

“Our democracy is still evolving. You know, we had all kinds of problems in some of our past elections, as you might remember.

“In 2000, our presidential elections came down to one state where the brother of the man running for president was the governor of the state. So we have our problems, too.”

(Emphasis mine)

Anyone who thinks this is no big deal needs to remember that she is the Secretary of State  – our nation’s top diplomat – and that she made these comments on a foreign trip in the context of a discussion about vote-rigging in Nigerian elections.  In essence, she said we’re no better than they are and pointed to the 2000 Florida recount as an example.

Hillary needs to pack up the traveling pants suits and head home.

Update:  Jeb Bush spokesman issues comment

“Governor Bush is declining to weigh in on these ill-advised comments,” a spokesman for former Florida governor Jeb Bush said. “But wishes Secretary Clinton a safe and successful trip.”


5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Unhinged In Nigeria, Implies Jeb Bush Rigged 2000 Election For His Brother

  1. Leftists coming undone, its all good folks.

    Whistling a cheerful tune and pondering what pearls of wisdom will fall from their lips today.

  2. Did you see Joe Scarborough GO OFF on Mika this morning about his? He was pissed Mika kept trying to play it down and he finally said “I can’t help you.”

    So Tina Brown tries to come up with a rationale and hits the hilarity trifecta. “She’s hot, she’s tired, she’s fat……….”

    coffee all over my newspaper

  3. 1. so much for compassionate conservatism – you get kicked in the teeth all the time by the libs every time you try to be bi-partisan
    2. even the New York Times said that Bush won legitimately.

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