Hot Diggity Blue Dog! Rep. Allen Boyd is cool with starting over on health care

(Via Hot Air)

At the first event of the day in Cross City, he held up a copy of the bill passed by the Energy and Commerce Committee and embraced by the congressional leadership.

“I cannot support this bill in the version it is in now,” he said. “We can do better. We can make it better.”

He emphasized to the skeptical crowds that he will work to reduce quickly-rising medical costs; that any bill must not add to the deficit; and that Blue Dogs like himself fought to delay consideration by the full House of Representatives to allow members to hear directly from constituents during the August recess.

When a questioner, Ray Evans, said he believed the President wants to do too much at once and asked whether Boyd would “be willing to scrap everything” and start over to do pursue reform more incrementally, the congressman responded: “I think that is an excellent idea … we may end up there.”

In a later interview with CNN, he said the idea had been been floated with the congressional leadership. He said that with the strong emotions and heated opposition he is seeing, the idea of doing health reform in a more piecemeal fashion is something he is strongly considering.

I’m sure Queen Nancy will be having none of that.  The Progressives will not allow it nor will they vote for any bill that does not include a public option.  The Blue Dogs won’t vote for the bill as written.  So what then?  Let it die on the vine?

Yet another sign that there are serious fissures within the Democrat party.  Who would have thunk that The One – The Most Merciful Uniter – could quite possibly end up being the cause of his party’s demise?

Update:  RightWingRedneck was there


3 thoughts on “Hot Diggity Blue Dog! Rep. Allen Boyd is cool with starting over on health care

  1. A lot of these Blue Dogs are getting threatened by the liberal Democratic establishment – I would suggest that they jump over to the GOP.

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