Ted Kennedy Urging MA Lawmakers To Change Succession Law To Ensure A Yes Vote on Health Care Bill

Ted Kennedy has sent a letter to Governor Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray and House Speaker Robert DeLeo urging them to change the current succession law to ensure that Patrick could appoint a temporary replacement for him should he pass away prior to a vote on health care legislation.

While I am very sorry that Senator Kennedy is gravely ill he has no business asking the Massachusetts Legislature to change the law to serve his wishes.

Some background:  In 2004, the liberal establishment and the MSM were so convinced that John Kerry was going to beat George W. Bush in the presidential election that the Massachusetts Legislature became concerned that then-governor, Mitt Romney, would appoint a Republican to fill his vacant Senate seat.  So they did what any self-respecting, liberal hacks would do – they changed the law.  Massachusetts now requires a special election within five months of any Senate vacancy.  The law does not address interim replacements.  So what Kennedy is asking them to do is to change the law again to ensure an additional vote for ObamaCare should it come up for a vote when/if his seat is vacant.

Given the approval ratings of Deval Patrick these days, he may want to steer clear of this.  But then again, our Harvard-educated Governor always does the dumb thing when presented with the opportunity.


7 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy Urging MA Lawmakers To Change Succession Law To Ensure A Yes Vote on Health Care Bill

  1. The arrogance of this man is mind boggling. He really does think that he is royalty. The only good thing that NY Governor David Paterson has done was to refuse to appoint Caroline Kennedy to the US Senate to take Hillary’s place. Caroline also thought that she was entitled to it by birth and lineage. I too am sorry that Teddy has brain cancer (just as I was sorry that the recently deceased Israel hater Robert Novak had the same dreaded illness) but I do wish he would resign already.

  2. Ok, some insider gossip. The person Kennedy wants to replace him is his wife Vicki. Apparently, there is some tension in the family about that.


  3. The K-Mart Kennedy’s that are the Mass Congressional delegation are already plotting how to cut each others throats.

    Oh boy this is gonna be great!

    I say Fast Eddy Markey, Joe “The Dullard” Kennedy and Vicky in Texas Cage Death Match.

    On the under card- Delahunt, Lynch and Ballpark Barney Franks.

    Let’s get ready to Rumble!!!

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