Beautiful! Moonbats Boycott Whole Foods Because CEO Does Not Support ObamaCare

This is deliciously delicious. Imagine the heartache among  Moonbats when they learned last week  that the CEO of Whole Foods sounds an awful lot like a *gasp* conservative when writing about health care reform.

Naturally, the boycott organizer is a  Massachusetts resident.

A Massachusetts man is leading a boycott crusade against the earthy Whole Foods chain, whose chief executive has upset liberals for not embracing President Obama’s health-care proposals.

Mark E. Rosenthal, a Great Barrington playwright, said he and other Whole Foods shoppers feel betrayed by John Mackey’s support for health-care savings accounts and his assertion that health-care coverage is not an intrinsic right.

So Rosenthal and others have launched Boycott Whole Foods, complete with Facebook, Twitter and blog blasts against Mackey, whose op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal last week ignited an online firestorm of criticism from the political left.

“I was upset by the way Mackey repeated the lies and distortions, already debunked, about deregulation as a panacea for all of our ills,” Rosenthal, 39, said in an e-mail yesterday. “The way he used the phrase ‘personal responsibility’ as a way to blame poor people and sick people for needing help really upset me. But . . . the most upsetting thing about Mackey’s op-ed was the logical outcome of his ‘free-marketeering’ ideas: the destruction of the social safety net. I do not want to support any business whose co-founder and CEO advocates that.”

Newsflash, Mark.  Those poor people whom you claim to care so much about can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods like you.

I predict this boycott will be short-lived.  Where else can urban liberals get their arugula and free range chickens?


2 thoughts on “Beautiful! Moonbats Boycott Whole Foods Because CEO Does Not Support ObamaCare

  1. Have you ever wondered why liberals like to work for non-profits?

    Should take about 5 nanoseconds and then you can get back to work.

  2. Boycott’s seldom work and yesterday (Saturday 8/22) I passed by a Whole Foods near where I live and business was as brisk as ever. Only libs or elitist wannabes shop at Whole Foods any way.

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