Blue Cross Blue Shield Slams ObamaCare In Email To Customers

More trouble for ObamaCare.

The California insurer Anthem Blue Cross — a subsidiary of the insurance giant WellPoint —  today blasted out an email to its customers, attacking the Democrats’ health reform plans and asking customers to help fight them.

The email says legislation “does not meet our definition of responsible and sustainable reform and “would likely have a significant negative impact on our partners and customers.”

The email warns the plan could wind up:

· Causing tens of millions of Americans to lose their private coverage and end up in a government-run plan;

· Limiting customers’ choices of the products they can purchase and how they can purchase health coverage; and

· Increasing the premiums of those with private coverage by imposing new mandates and coverage requirements.
The emails asks customers to “make your voice heard on this important issue by writing Congress and encouraging your elected officials to get health reform done — and done right — by acting in a bipartisan fashion to make health care more affordable, improve quality, and cover all Americans in a sustainable way.”

The email directs customers to its “grassroots Web site” for instructions on contacting legislators. And WellPoint, which has some 33 million customers whom it surveyed on the subject in April, has access to a pretty large pool of citizens to persuade.

The health insurers “grassroots” online campaigns have already taken fire from the liberal site ThinkProgres.

Another nail in the coffin of this colossal crap sandwich?  Perhaps.  But not the final nail – not by a long shot.


2 thoughts on “Blue Cross Blue Shield Slams ObamaCare In Email To Customers

  1. Last night Charles Krauthammer said it best on the Fox All Star panel (the only pundit show worth watcing in my opinion) on Special report with Bret Baier, paraphrasing “Obamacare is not failing because of the Republicans, the town hall meetings, or the Blue Dogs – it is failing because the numbers just do not add up.”

  2. Oh man, Anthem and WellPoint are my insurance, glad to see they are standing up to this UnConstitutional grab. No way could these statist incompetents offer me better service than BCBS.

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