Kennedy Grandson At Funeral Mass: Lord Hear Our Prayer…For Universal Health Care.

This is wrong on so many levels.  Using a little kid to push a political agenda at his grandfather’s funeral mass is beyond reproach.  As if this young boy knows a thing about universal health care other than it sounds cool enough.  It isn’t his fault, though.  The adults who pushed this on him should be ashamed.  Imagine if the grandchild of a Republican senator had asked that the lord hear his prayer for lower taxes?  It’s really no different if you think about it.

Via Gateway Pundit


4 thoughts on “Kennedy Grandson At Funeral Mass: Lord Hear Our Prayer…For Universal Health Care.

  1. I can understand why conservative blogs are towing a hard line against people speaking ill of Ted Kennedy’s passing. It’s bad form to speak ill of the dead.

    In most cases.

    In this case though, the dead was guilty of negligent homicide. That changes the equation in my book.

    I hope Teddy Kennedy does not rest in peace. I hope he faces a harsh judgement for what he has done. Furthermore, I refuse to send out prayers to this sleazy family of lushes, political opportunists, and serial adulterers.

    I’ll reserve those prayers for the family of Mary Joe Kopechne.

  2. A woman on Huff Po actually wrote that Mary
    Jo would think her “sacrifice” would be worth it because it made Teddy a better Senator.

  3. Another long but very good article

    “The Kennedy Myth” – the author makes the point that Senator Ted Kennedy fought against just about everything his brother President John F. Kennedy believed in. John F. Kennedy was a tax cutter, a defense build up man, a cold warrior, and a firm believer in supporting ones friends and vigorously opposing ones enemies. Ronald Reagan used to quote (to Ted’s chagrin) JFK’s maxim “A rising tide lifts all ships”.

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