Oh My: Is There A Silky Pony Sex Tape?

The creep factor of this sordid story just grew exponentially. I wonder if the tape was made while his wife’s cancer was in remission?

Via Hot Air:

“He believed that Edwards was the next Kennedy,” said a person who was close to Young. “It’s not enough to say that he idolized the guy — there’s something deeper and weirder than that.”

Elizabeth Edwards, in a thinly veiled portrait of Young in “Resilience,” her book on surviving cancer and her husband’s affair, compared him explicitly with Rielle Hunter, her husband’s former mistress…

She described an “obsessed” and “overbearing” young volunteer who “volunteered for everything, making himself indispensable,” taking care of cars and dry cleaning — an unmistakable portrait, people close to her say, of Young…

“What we always said about Andrew was that there would always be a place for him as long as John and Elizabeth didn’t want to get their hands dirty and deal with the painters and yard people and get their own groceries,” said a former Edwards aide who was among several who agitated more than once to have Young fired. “It was not a healthy arrangement,” the former aide said…

Elizabeth Edwards, meanwhile, had been leaving messages on Young’s and Young’s wife’s voice mail, two sources say Young told them, demanding that he reassert his paternity to clear the cloud over her husband. The Youngs returned to Chapel Hill, and they heard that Elizabeth Edwards had been spreading the rumor that, among other things, Young had stolen her late son Wade’s baseball card collection, which he denied…

And Young, with all the fury of a spurned lover, may be holding out yet another threat to his old idol, if it comes to that: an explicit videotape, two people who have seen it said, of Edwards and Hunter together.

“It’s his hole card,” said the source.

Interesting  choice of words.

Byron York: Has The Liberal Moment Come And Gone?

One can only hope.

A new Gallup poll shows a sharp increase in the number of people who say they want the government to promote “traditional values.”

Gallup’s question was simple: “Some people think the government should promote traditional values in our society. Others think the government should not favor any particular set of values. Which comes closer to your own view?” In the new poll, taken in the first days of September, 53 percent of respondents say they want the government to promote traditional values, while 42 percent say they do not want the government to favor any particular set of values. Five percent do not have an opinion.

The results are a significant change from recent years. For most of the last two decades, a majority of people have been in favor of the government promoting traditional values. But that number began to decline in 2005, and the number of people who believe the government should not favor any particular set of values began to rise. Last September, when Gallup asked the same question, the public was split down the middle on the issue, 48 percent to 48 percent. Now, opinion has rather abruptly gone back to the old position, and there’s an 11-point gap between the two, in favor of traditional values.

Read more here.

Sources Say Sarkozy Thinks Obama Is “Incredibly Naive and Grossly Egotistical”

How do you say “I concur” in French?

Breitbart has the story and yesterday’s WSJ editorial lays the foundation for Sarkozy’s sentiment:

President Sarkozy in particular pushed hard. He had been “frustrated” for months about Mr. Obama’s reluctance to confront Iran, a senior French government official told us, and saw an opportunity to change momentum. But the Administration told the French that it didn’t want to “spoil the image of success” for Mr. Obama’s debut at the U.N. and his homily calling for a world without nuclear weapons, according to the Paris daily Le Monde. So the Iran bombshell was pushed back a day to Pittsburgh, where the G-20 were meeting to discuss economic policy.

Le Monde’s diplomatic correspondent, Natalie Nougayrède, reports that a draft of Mr. Sarkozy’s speech to the Security Council Thursday included a section on Iran’s latest deception. Forced to scrap that bit, the French President let his frustration show with undiplomatic gusto in his formal remarks, laying into what he called the “dream” of disarmament. The address takes on added meaning now that we know the backroom discussions.

“We are right to talk about the future,” Mr. Sarkozy said, referring to the U.S. resolution on strengthening arms control treaties. “But the present comes before the future, and the present includes two major nuclear crises,” i.e., Iran and North Korea. “We live in the real world, not in a virtual one.” No prize for guessing into which world the Frenchman puts Mr. Obama.

WaPo’s Richard Cohen Tells Obama To Start Acting Like The President

In his column today, Richard Cohen pens a blistering assessment of President Obama’s omnipresence on television, his handling of the Iran nuke issue and his inability to take a stand on an issue and see it through.

For a crisis such as this, the immense prestige of the American presidency ought to be held in reserve. Let the secretary of state issue grave warnings. When Obama said in Pittsburgh that Iran is “going to have to come clean and they are going to have to make a choice,” it had the sound of an ultimatum. But what if the Iranians don’t? What then? A president has to be careful with such language. He better mean what he says.

The trouble with Obama is that he gets into the moment and means what he says for that moment only. He meant what he said when he called Afghanistan a “war of necessity” — and now is not necessarily so sure. He meant what he said about the public option in his health-care plan — and then again maybe not. He would not prosecute CIA agents for getting rough with detainees — and then again maybe he would.

Most tellingly, he gave Congress an August deadline for passage of health-care legislation — “Now, if there are no deadlines, nothing gets done in this town . . . ” — and then let it pass. It seemed not to occur to Obama that a deadline comes with a consequence — meet it or else.

I keep thinking of this scene from the Godfather and wondering when someone is going to go Don Corleone on Barry.

Chris Wallace: Barry’s White House Is “biggest bunch of crybabies” in 30 Years

Via Hot Air:

Good for Chris Wallace.  Who isn’t sick of Obama’s continuous whining about Fox?  Why he wants to pick a fight with the highest rated cable news network is mystifying.

I’m sure the glistening dough boy, Gibbs, will….um….have a….um….snarky response….during tomorrow’s….um…daily briefing.

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Gibbs: Obama Does Not Believe That A Majority Of Criticism Is Racism

Here are the two Gibbs quotes:

“The president does not believe that the criticism… is based on the color of his skin,”


“The president does not believe that a majority of this in rooted in that,”

The choice of the word “majority” is interesting.  It does not close the door on the charges of racism – it just implies that President Obama doesn’t think all criticism is based in racism.  One could conclude that he believes a substantial amount is – just not a majority.  And Gibbs never went so far as to say that the president doesn’t agree with Jimmy Carter’s indictment of Southerners.

Gibbs was responding to this ridiculous statment yesterday by Jimmy Carter (AKA The Worst President Evah):

“I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way, and I’ve seen the rest of the country that share the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African Americans.”

And there’s more!

“And that racism inclination still exists. And I think it’s bubbled up to the surface because of the belief among many white people, not just in the South but around the country, that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. It’s an abominable circumstance, and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply.”

It concerns me very deeply that you were ever the leader of the free world, Jimmy.  But trotting you out to make such vile statements about your fellow Americans who oppose Obama’s agenda shows a sign of desperation on the part of the Democrats, so I guess there is a silver lining in being called a racist.

Patrick Swayze Dead At 57

Sad news out of Hollywood.  Patrick-Swayze-Johnny-Castle-patrick-swayze-3108859-400-500

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Patrick Swayze has died after a nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Swayze’s publicist Annett Wolf says the 57-year-old “Dirty Dancing” actor died Monday with family at his side. He came forward about his illness last spring, but continued working as he underwent treatments.

It was 1987 when Swayze became a star with his performance in “Dirty Dancing,” a coming-of-age story set in a Catskills resort. The 1990 film “Ghost” cemented his status as a screen favorite.

The Dirty Dancing soundtrack was my anthem during the summer of ’87.  I had the cassette (dating myself, I know) and literally wore it out.  I’ll always think of him as Johnny Castle uttering the oft repeated sentence “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”

R.I.P. Patrick.