John Kerry Throws Ted Kennedy Under The Bus At Beacon Hill Successor Hearing

Liveshot Kerry was in Boston today to shore up support for changing the successor law in order to ensure a 60 vote majority in the Senate.  In true Kerry fashion, he steps in it by tossing Ted Kennedy under the bus.

U.S. Sen. John Kerry said the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy made a mistake in 2004 when he pushed legislators to strip former Gov. Mitt Romney of his power to appoint a successor.

Kerry made the surprising disclosure during an impassioned and emotional testimony supporting a controversial push to allow Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint a temporary U.S. Senator today.

“By writing the letter he wrote and putting himself on the line I think he acknowledged he made a mistake,” Kerry said, adding that if Kennedy asked for the change in the law, he would still support the push if there was a Republican governor.

“It’s not about the party, it’s not about the labels, it’s about (Massachusetts’) best interest,” Kerry added.


I heard a caller on the Michele McPhee show say that someone asked Kerry about missing 96 votes while he was running for president and how come he wasn’t concerned about full representation for us then.

I am looking for audio or video now.  If you find it, please forward to me.


One thought on “John Kerry Throws Ted Kennedy Under The Bus At Beacon Hill Successor Hearing

  1. Kerry must now be relishing finally becoming the senior Senator from Massachusetts. he probably wants Tah-ray-zah to join him in the Senate.

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