US Census Bureau To Acorn: Buh Bye

It’s about time.

The US Census Bureau on Friday severed all ties with controversial community organizing group ACORN. The reason? The bureau said ACORN’s conduct and sour public image threatened to taint the bureau’s execution of the 2010 census.

In a letter to ACORN, first obtained by Fox News, the Census Bureau informed ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) President Maude Hurd that the group’s image has become too hot to handle.

The letter, from Census Director Robert Groves, told Hurd that ACORN’s reputation, marred by allegations of voter fraud and malfeasance, threatened bureau’s image and could discourage some from participating in the census.

“To that end, and in keeping with the standards we shared with your organization and others who volunteered to partner with the Census Bureau to help promote the 2010 Census, we are today terminating our Partnership Agreement with ACORN,” the letter said.  (Read full letter below)

California Rep. Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA) praised the move.

What conduct you ask?  The list is endless, but here are the two most recent outrages:

11 ACORN members in Miami-Dade County accused of falsifying hundreds of voter applications

ACORN officials videotaped telling ‘pimp’ and ‘prostitute’ how to lie to IRS

This corrupt group (which was represented by President Obama in the Illinois ‘Motor Voter’ case) should not get another red cent of taxpayer money.  I say Joe Wilson’s first act of business on Monday should be drafting legislation that woukd block any federal stimulus money earmarked for ACORN and would force them to return any funds already received.


6 thoughts on “US Census Bureau To Acorn: Buh Bye

  1. These are slippery criminals. I strongly suspect they will still be involved under one of their many umbrella organizations. Just like commie troofer Van Jones is now working with Soros front Center for American Progress. Nothing is evah straight forward with the corruptocrats in power.

  2. OT,

    I wish everyone’s favorite bicycle riding blogger would just do us a favor and let us know who isn’t a closet white supremacist? Apparently the boys at Powerline and Vodkapundit are now in league with white supremacists and facists.

    Perhaps CJ can take some time out from breathlessly defending unqualified, neo-marxist, troofers in the Obama administration and let us know who it’s safe to support?

    • Unless you agree with him 100% of the time, you are a Ron Paul supporter and a fascist enabler trying to cram Christianity down the throats of our school children. A once terrific blog that started going downhill when the owner started hanging around on the threads day and night keeping an eye on all “heresies”. Now it is “my way or the highway” over there.

    • Two of the guys at Powerline: Scott Johnson and Paul Mirengoff are Jewish and very proud of it – I doubt that they would be in league with any neo Nazis (and I doubt that Pamela Geller would too). He needs a vacation and a one month break from blogging (and I am not being sarcastic when I write that).

  3. I’m sorry, I’m just not impressed with the Census Bureau suddenly discovering problems with ACORN. People have known about ACORN for years and the CB thought they could get away with lining their buddies’ pockets with taxpayer money.

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