Chris Wallace: Barry’s White House Is “biggest bunch of crybabies” in 30 Years

Via Hot Air:

Good for Chris Wallace.  Who isn’t sick of Obama’s continuous whining about Fox?  Why he wants to pick a fight with the highest rated cable news network is mystifying.

I’m sure the glistening dough boy, Gibbs, will….um….have a….um….snarky response….during tomorrow’s….um…daily briefing.

*Editor’s Note:

I will be sipping umbrella drinks for the next eight days so there will be no new posts until I return.

Please feel free to turn this into an open thread and post links so I can keep up with what is going on in the real world….yes I am that much of a junkie.



Updated 9/29/09:

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!  Thanks to all who sent me their congratulations and good wishes.


13 thoughts on “Chris Wallace: Barry’s White House Is “biggest bunch of crybabies” in 30 Years

  1. Thats right Mr. Obama, it was those bloggers and cable news (leftspeak=FNC) that are exposing your true agenda.Thank G-d for them!

    That 1st amendment thingy is such a drag, innit?

  2. Enjoy your self loppyd although we all miss you.
    Chris Wallace, Brit Hume and Tim Russert – are/were the only reasons to watch the news on TV.

  3. Well congrats, darlin’. I finally found you (well Joel told me where to look!).

    And to stay on topic – Chris Wallace is spot on.

    • Oops I did not even notice that I was repeating myself. Well to stay somewhat on topic – the worst interviewer on television is (in my opinion) Chris Matthews and David Gregory.

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