Rush Limbaugh Being Dropped From Rams Bid? Update: It’s Official.

Several sources are reporting this.

If Limbaugh has indeed been dropped from the group then his potential slander/libel suits will be bolstered by his loss of potential income.  Based on his comments during today’s show, Rush is showing no signs of backing away from legal action against those who published the false quotes and the networks where they were repeated.

Meanwhile, Rick “Hit and Run” Sanchez and Charles “Hit The Tip Jar” Johnson are still waiting for Rush to prove he didn’t make the statements.

Update: It’s official:

DAVE CHECKETTS: It has become clear that his involvement in our group has become a complication and a distraction to our intentions; endangering our bid to keep the team in St. Louis. As such, we have decided to move forward without him and hope it will eventually lead us to a successful conclusion.

No statement from Rush as of the time of this update.


4 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Being Dropped From Rams Bid? Update: It’s Official.

  1. Absolutely disgraceful! I hope that Limbaugh has a good lawyer. After all the NFL is loaded with such solid citizens as Plaxico Buress and the guy (Travis Henry) who has 8 children with 9 different women. As for alleged sportscasters (Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption) bloggers who love to hurl accusations of racism and then say that it is up to the accused to prove that they are not bigots -well they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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