From Balloon Boy To Hurl Boy

Yesterday the country was gripped by what appeared to be a giant Jiffy Pop popper floating through the sky possibly carrying six-year-old Falcon Heene.  We all know now that the kid was not in the giant popper, but rather hiding in his attic – or so the story goes.

Last night, in response to a question from fellow human named after an animal, Wolf Blitzer, the kid said “we did this for a show.”

Flash forward to this morning where the freak parents once again hauled their kids in front of the cameras for live interviews, little Falcon hurled twice on two separate TV appearances – each time while his father was responding to questions about the child’s comment the night before.

I can’t speculate as to why the kid hurled.  He could have the flu.  He could be nervous about being on TV.  Or, he could be totally overwhelmed and sick – literally – from being forced to lie about what really happened.  We may never know, but the expression “from the mouths of babes” comes to mind and in this case has double meaning.


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