Friend of Angelo, Chris Dodd, Calls Wall Street Compensation Outrageous

The most famous Friend of Angelo was on Meet The Press this morning and said that the billions in compensation which Goldman Sachs plans to pay out this year is an outrage.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Financial companies that were shored up by taxpayer money are now paying their employees big bucks in compensation and benefits.

The chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee says that’s a source of outrage in the country.

One company that has received government money, Goldman Sachs, has said it has set aside $16.7           chris-dodd2billion for compensation so far this year. That’s more than a half-million dollars per employee.

Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut says such companies need to understand that what they are doing is an outrage. Dodd says the government should look into taking action to get those companies to back up and reconsider what they are paying out.

Dodd may want to think long and hard about stepping into the fray on this one.  After all, it was Dodd who was responsible for adding language to the porkulus bill which allowed for $165 million in bonuses for AIG employees….which he admitted to adding after he was busted for lying about it.

Pot, meet kettle.


3 thoughts on “Friend of Angelo, Chris Dodd, Calls Wall Street Compensation Outrageous

  1. I pray Peter Schiff unseats this creep.

    Seriously if a balantly corrupt, incompetent, and venal man like Chris Dodd can retain his seat in the face of a distinguished, well funded, and articulate challenger, then there truly is no hope for the republic.

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