MA Man Arrested On Terrorism Charges – Updated

Updated with more detailed Boston Herald report which names his co-conspirator:

Tarek Mehanna, of 6 Fairhaven Circle, is accused of conspiring with Ahmad Abousamra and others to obtain the automatic weapons needed to carry out a mall ambush in which they planned to open fire at random, said Acting U.S. Attorney Michael K. Loucks. Mehanna was already out on bail from a federal arrest last year, charged with lying during a terrorism probe.

Mehanna was arrested at his home at 6 a.m. this morning and booked at the Sudbury police station before being turned over to federal authorities. Federal agents have searched Mehanna’s home and say he is a U.S. citizen. A bail hearing has been scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in federal court.

Abousamra left the United States for Syria on Dec. 26, 2006, officials said. He said he would be back within a month after visiting his wife, but has never returned, officials said.

Tarek Mehanna allegedly wanted to get some machine guns and mow people down at a shopping mall.

A man from Sudbury was arrested Wednesday on federal terrorism-related charges for allegedly planning attacks inside and outside the United States – including a plot to attack people at a mall.

27-year-old Tarek Mehanna of Fairhaven Circle is charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston.

Investigators say Mehanna conspired with others over a seven-year period between 2001 and 2008 plotting to “kill, kidnap, maim or injure” people in foreign countries and to kill prominent U.S. politicians.

He and two others allegedly travelled to the Middle East in 2004 to look for military-type training for attacks on U.S. interests.

Prosecutors say Mehanna had “multiple conversations about obtaining automatic weapons and randomly shooting people at a shopping mall.”

“The conversations went so far as to discuss the logistics of a mall attack including coordination, weapons needed and the possibility of attacking emergency responders,” investigators said in a statement.

The plan was scrapped because the men could not get the weapons.

Sudbury is an upscale suburb about 20 miles west of Boston.

The status of the two co-conspirators is still unknown.

If convicted Mehanna faces 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

He was indicted in January for allegedly making false statements to the FBI in a terrorism investigation.

This one hits close to home.  I shudder to think of what he might have been able to pull off especially with Christmas fast approaching.  Check out the picture of his McMansion in the link.  I want to know what he did for a living to afford such place or if he was living with his parents.


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