Marblehead, MA Gym Members Offended At The Sight Old Glory

Perhaps the Beautiful People of Marblehead would prefer a Che flag?  This isn’t surprising given that in recent years another Massachusetts town was involved in a similar display of anti-Americanism.

Hat tip: Vagabond Trader

Fox 25 – Via Weasel Zippers.

MARBLEHEAD (FOX25, myfoxboston) – The owner of Gravity Fitness in Marblehead says gym members have complained about the American flag hanging inside the gym.

The Fitness club’s owner, 23 year-old Mark Shay, hung the 12 foot long flag from the gym rafters on Friday and had over a dozen complaints by Monday.

Some have complained that the flag blocks gym televisions, while some members have gone as far as to say that the flag is offensive.

One members was quoted to say “It’s like putting a Jesus cross in my face.”

Another member feels the exact opposite and said “This is America. If you don’t like to see the flag you can move somewhere else.”

Shay did move the flag so it would not block the TVs but said now the flag is going to stay right where it is.  He also said if the complaining members decide to leave the gym he will just have to live with that.

Marblehead is one town over from where I live.  Maybe I’ll join this gym to show my support for Mr. Shay.  I’ll wear my lucky W’04 t-shirt to really drive the moonbats nuts.  Any other ideas for t-shirts?  This could be a lot of fun.  BWAAAHAHAHA.



5 thoughts on “Marblehead, MA Gym Members Offended At The Sight Old Glory

  1. i graciously copied this over here where it belongs 🙂

    loppyd, I personnally called called Mark yesterday after hearing him on Michael Grahams show. He is a young entrepreneur and is determined to keep the flag up : ). I spoke to him for 10-15 minutes and told him DONOT take down that flag. He spoke in generalities but said that the complainers had similar surnames. I did not get an email address for him but if you call the gym I’m sure he will take your call of support!…

    p.s. Loppyd check your email please, I have the FU52 you liked. : )

  2. I’ll bet if the owner refuses to take it down they will back down like a frightened turtle. Tell them to take their money elsewhere.

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