New Poll Shows Republicans Leading In VA, NJ & NY23

A new Public Policy poll released today has the Republican candidate ahead in all three critical races.

Virginia:  McDonnell 56 Deeds 42

New Jersey:  Christie 47 Corzine 41

New York 23:  Hoffman 51 Owens 34 Scozzafava 13in 3-way &  Hoffman 54 Owens 38 in a head to head race

Tomorrow could be a very bad day for Barry & Co.


5 thoughts on “New Poll Shows Republicans Leading In VA, NJ & NY23

  1. Please Dear God, let Hoffman (and the other Republicans) win. Heads will be explodin’ at a certain former Right-Center blog (now very Left-Wing) if that happens as they try to scramble and parse the results to make it seem that it is not a rejection of Obama’s policies.

  2. How great would it be to wake up on Wednesday morn and find Hussein has had his skinny rear handed to him? I read that Scozzafavo has been in touch with Rahm Emanuel. Figures.

  3. I think Corzine might pull it out because New Jersey is such a f***ed up state – too many people over there are dependent on big government for their livelihood, sustenance, and support (and N.J. is a huge union state). However a very narrow Corzine victory (don’t forget there is an Independent named Chris Dagett running as well – to take votes away from Christie) is not a good sign for Barry.

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