“I did it and I liked it.”

Those are the words Bill Carlyle allegedly spoke to a teenage girl on the T yesterday after allegedly groping her.  And he was one of two arrested yesterday for getting their grope on while riding the T.

“I did it, and I liked it,” accused Green Line groper Bill Carlyle muttered late last night to a Revere teen who felt her posterior plucked on the MBTA Copley Station platform.

But when his alleged victim, 19, balked at having her fanny fondled, Transit Police say Carlyle, 52, assured her, “You will never see me again, so what does it matter.”

He was wrong.

Carlyle, of Roxbury, wearing glasses and toting a duffel bag, was arrested just after 10 p.m. by officers Aldo Bido and Terence Leonard Jr. for indecent assault and battery.

Check out his picture.  This is one of the reasons I loathe public transportation.

No word yet on whether the accused perv has a history of fondling teenagers, but I’d say it’s more than likely.


2 thoughts on ““I did it and I liked it.”

  1. Bleccch, what a pair of cretinous looking perverts. I hate to think what other crimes they are guilty of.I’ve no use for such and will not venture what my punishment would be for such filth if it were up to me.

    Good job on capturing the scum.

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