The Morning After

Virginia went bright red with a sweep of all state offices.  McDonnell won by 18 points.

New Jersey voters handed Christie a decisive victory even after Barry made five appearances for Corzine.

In the NY23 special election, Owens beat Hoffman with Sc0zzafava drawing 6% of the vote.  I’m not sure how many of those were absentee ballots, people who just crawled out from under a rock and didn’t know she dropped out or simply supporters who were casting a vote of principle.  What I do know is this is a great example of why unelected party officials should not pick candidates and leave it tp primary voters.

There is no positive spin for Barry & Co. to put on this.  Maybe as I writre this he doesn’t even know the results since he claims he wasn’t watching the returns last night and we know he likes to sleep in.




One thought on “The Morning After

  1. The Republican hacks who put up Suzzy-fava are the reason why the GOP si called “The Stupid Party”. Owens was more conservative then she was.

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