Sen Warner: “We got walloped”

I guess he and other nervous Democrats didn’t get the memo from Queen Nancy that Tuesday’s elections were some kind of victory for the party.

Politico has the story.

But whatever Obama decides, it is clear he must grapple with something new: a sharp divergence of views in his party about the significance of Tuesday’s results. Many activists said the problem was with Democrats such as Deeds who did not more fully embrace Obama.

Notably, however, few of these people were Democratic politicians who run in competitive districts.

Particularly in Virginia — which in recent years has emerged as an emblematic swing state — most Democratic politicians Tuesday night and Wednesday were frank in seeing worrisome trends and eager to see Democrats, starting with Obama, do more to emphasize fiscal responsibility.

In contrast to the Obama’s team sanguine analysis, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told POLITICO, “We got walloped.”

Many Democratic politicians and operatives publicly and privately say Obama’s “big bang” strategy — trying to move several major policy initiatives in his first year — has also caused independent voters to question whether he is sufficiently focused on their primary concern, reviving the stagnant economy.

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3 thoughts on “Sen Warner: “We got walloped”

  1. Mark Warner is no fool.

    And needless to say, Queen Nancy is a total embarrassment.

    I think Americans should drop the “dumb blonde” jokes and make Nancy Pelosi jokes instead.

    How many Pelosis does it take to change a light bulb?
    None. She’ll deny the room is dark.

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