UMass Will Allow Domestic Terrorist To Speak On Campus

University officials cite “academic freedom” as their reason to allow United Freedom Front leader Raymond Luc Levasseur to speak on campus.  The group is responsible for the murder of a New Jersey State Trooper, attempted assassinations of Massachusetts troopers and the bombing of the Suffolk County Courthouse.  That is just one of twenty bombings the group is linked to.

Because the group’s rage resulted in the slaying of a New Jersey state trooper and attempted assassination of two Bay State troopers, cops strongly protested and the speech at UMass-Amherst was called off last week – until news yesterday that it was still being planned for Thursday night on the publicly funded campus.

“It’s truly unbelievable,” said Rick Brown, president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts, who added that cops from around the nation are prepared to protest the event. “If the governor told UMass not to bring this terrorist to a taxpayer-funded campus, it should not be happening.”

Sit down for this shocka.

But several free-speech groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, have asked UMass officials to reconsider.

Naturally, a progressive group is hosting the event.

Law enforcement sources said the event will take place in a campus building. Separate sources said the event is being sponsored by the Department of Social Thought and Political Economy, a progressive campus group, and that a UMass professor extended the invitation to Levasseur. Attempts to reach that group last night were unsuccessful.

The article states that Levasseur is on parole and living in a halfway house in Maine.  I want to know who approved this on the law enforcement side as well as who is paying for his travel expenses and whether he will be accompanied by law enforcement on his little trip from Maine to Western Mass.  Not one penny of taxpayer money should be allocated towards giving this excuse for a human being a platform to speak.


4 thoughts on “UMass Will Allow Domestic Terrorist To Speak On Campus

  1. “Department of Social Thought and Political Economy”

    If that isn’t a Commie group I don’t know what is.

    Their next Upcoming Event:
    Workers and the Poor:
    Lessons for Organizing in the Age of
    Obama and Globalization

    They even headline their website with a Red ChiCom Star.

  2. You got it, Grand J. If Bernardine “Ain’t-Manson-Groovy?” Dohrn can be a professor at Northwestern, why not Hasan?

    The universities give these people positions in order to legitimize them, their ideology, and their agenda.

    Remember when Obama was being asked about Bill Ayers? They kept saying”he’s an education professor at Illinois-Chicago.” And the average TV-viewer figures he can’t be too bad then.

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