Cadillac Deval Gets The Hand From Legislative Leaders In His Own Party

Yesterday our hapless governor was again reminded of who is really running the show here in the Commonwealth as Beacon Hill leaders ended the 2009 session without dealing with the budget or education reform.

The war of words between the governor and some legislative leaders grew decidedly more forceful yesterday. Deval Patrick exhorted lawmakers to remain in session to address unresolved reforms and budget shortfalls, though as he spoke, most members were already gone for the remainder of 2009. 

Amid the back-and-forth, Patrick implied that the Legislature was shirking its responsibility, and House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo accused Patrick of political posturing. DeLeo apparently failed to return a phone call from the governor, a rare breach of political etiquette, especially between two key officials of the same party who had been trying to nurture a working relationship.

“It’s more than a little frustrating that they would leave for whatever it is, six or seven weeks, with so much of the Commonwealth’s vital business undone,’’ Patrick said during a rare, unscheduled visit to the State House press room.

“It’s my hope that the members will realize that their rules are of their own making, that they have it in their own power to work a couple of more days, or frankly, as long as it takes to get this work done.’’

Poor Deval.  First, The One comes to town to headline a fundraiser for his faltering pal and can’t even sell out a room.  Now he can’t even get a return call from the House Speaker.  Even Mitt Romney garnered more respect from the Dems on Beacon Hill.