Nativity Scene Banned By Beautiful People Of Manchester, MA

Here we go again.

MANCHESTER — Members of the First Parish Church say they just wanted to bring the Christmas story to life this holiday season.

The plan was to have a live Nativity scene — complete with a manger and people playing the parts of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus — setup on the Town Common as part of the church’s Christmas Eve family service. This was the first time the church, which sits on the Town Common has proposed such a display and a real donkey was even secured to add to the scene.

But town officials have essentially told the church there’s no room at the inn — or, in this case, a place to have a religious display like a live nativity scene on town property.

Manchester selectmen have denied the request from the church, saying the proposal didn’t provide enough details and could potentially pose legal issues for the town.

Selectmen Chairman Susan Thorne, along with Selectmen Lee Spence, Bryan Gubbins and Mary Hardwick voted against the request at the board’s regular meeting last Monday, while Selectman Thomas Kehoe chose not to vote after the other four rejected the request. Kehoe did not give a reason for his abstention.

“There were some of us that thought it was inappropriate to allow a religious display on the Town Common,” Selectmen’s Chairman Sue Thorne said in an interview. “And there really wasn’t enough information to make a fair decision.”

One hour of religion was too much for Muffy and Chipper to see on their way home from The Club.

By the way, the BP of Manchester changed its name from Manchester to Manchester-by-the-Sea back in 1990.  I refuse to call it by it’s official – and incredibly ostentatious – name.

Obama’s Numbers Plummet….On Everything

The most recent USA Today/Gallup Poll shows Obama’s numbers continuing to tank. 

On Afghanistan:

His extended deliberations may be taking a toll: 55% disapprove of the way he is handling Afghanistan and 35% approve, a reversal of his 56% approval rating four months ago.

On Gitmo:

By more than 2-1, Americans say the United States shouldn’t close the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, as Obama has promised.

On Health Care:

 By 49%-44%, they oppose passing a health care bill in Congress this year, which he calls critical.

On trying KSM in NYC:  

 A majority are against holding the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York, and nearly six in 10 say the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind should be tried in a military rather than a civilian court. That’s at odds with the decision announced this month by Attorney General Eric Holder.

Put it all together and you get this:

When it comes to seven specific areas, Obama no longer commands majority support on any. On only two — energy policy and global warming — does he have a net positive rating. On the economy, health care, jobs and Afghanistan, a majority disapprove of how he’s doing. There’s an almost even divide on his handling of terrorism: 45% approve, 47% disapprove.

 Epic fail.