Chris Matthews Calls West Point “Enemy Camp”…Update: Matthews Apologizes

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After Obama’s Afghanistan speech tonight, Chris Matthews notes that the cadets were less than impressed with the speech and then refers to West Point as “the enemy camp.”

They didn’t throw roses at Obama so they are the enemy

Watch it here.

Update #1: Ethel Fenig writes about this at American Thinker:

So Matthews believes West Point, the first American military academy, is the “enemy camp” and “a strange venue” for their Commander in Chief, the President of the United States, to announce to the country and more specifically to the student and faculty audience who will be directly affected, his plans to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. Confused by his tingling brain and perhaps thinking Obama was refereeing a West Point football game, Matthews spoke of his surprise that a group of “young kids–men and women who were committed to serving their country professionally it must be said” didn’t demonstrate “a lot of excitement” because he “didn’t see a lot of warmth in that crowd out there.” (But Matthews is the sort who notices and finds important what others don’t; eg, Sarah Palin admirers are mainly white. All of these comments reveal much about Matthews but little about the situation.)

Update #2:  Tingles apologizes  – Video via Hot Air

Now he can go back to his normal business of comparing the Christian Right to the Taliban and questioning the legality of calling Al Qaeda.

AP: Cop Killer Clemmons Fatally Shot

Mike Huckabee’s Willie Horton is dead.

SEATTLE (AP) — A sheriff’s spokesman in Washington state says Seattle police have fatally shot the man suspected of gunning down four police officers.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer says Maurice Clemmons was shot and killed early Tuesday in a Seattle neighborhood. Authorities suspected Clemmons of killing the four officers at a coffee shop Sunday morning in Lakewood, a suburb about 35 miles south of Seattle.

Troyer says Seattle police found Clemmons after Pierce County authorities supplied addresses of possible hiding spots.

Police have said they aren’t sure what prompted Clemmons to shoot the officers as they did paperwork on their laptops. Clemmons was described as increasingly erratic in the past few months

The Huckster should be thanking his lucky stars that Clemmons was killed before he harmed another innocent human being.