Obama Makes No Mention Of Public Option In Get Er Done Speech To Senate Democrats Today


Joe Lieberman is giddy.  

As President Obama finished his speech to the Democratic caucus in the Capitol’s Mansfield Room on Sunday afternoon, Joe Lieberman made his way over to Harry Reid.

The independent who still caucuses with Democrats wanted to point something out to the Majority Leader: Obama didn’t mention the public option.

Lieberman was beaming as he left the room and happy to re-point it out when HuffPost asked him what Obama had said about the public health insurance option, perhaps the most contentious issue still facing Democrats as they negotiate their way toward a final health care reform bill.

Harry Reid is all whatevs.

Reid told reporters that Lieberman had approached him after the meeting to note the absence of the public option, but that folks shouldn’t read too much into Obama’s silence on the issue. “That doesn’t mean it’s not an issue, because the president didn’t talk about it,” said Reid.

No word on how many times Barry said “I” or if he brought TOTUS along for the ride.


2 thoughts on “Obama Makes No Mention Of Public Option In Get Er Done Speech To Senate Democrats Today

  1. Reid’s right about this one. Obama is just twisting a few arms and rallying the troops. There’s no need for him to mention anything specific, and it doesn’t mean much if TOTUS went blank about the public option.
    We all knows Obama wants it, but this way if he doesn’t get it, he saves face.
    It’s all about him.

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