ABC/WaPo Poll On Climate Change Shows Waning Support For Obama, Scientists, Legislation

Another day, another poll with cratering numbers for Obama and his policies. 

President Obama’s approval rating on dealing with global warming has crumbled, and there is broad opposition to spending taxpayer money to encourage developing nations to curtail their energy use. The public’s doubts on what scientists believe about the environment are growing and becoming more politically polarized, though most support federal government regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Only 30% trust global warming scientists.  When you break it down by party, 58% of Republicans and 40% of Independents say they only trust the scientists a little or not at all.

On Obama’s handling of climate change, only 45% approve – down from 61% in April – and 39% disapprove. 

When asked whether they support the U.S. contributing billions of dollars to help developing nations reduce greenhouse emissions, 57% oppose the spending.

Support melting faster than Al Gore’s ice cap.


2 thoughts on “ABC/WaPo Poll On Climate Change Shows Waning Support For Obama, Scientists, Legislation

  1. The biggest hoax since the great AIDS heterosexual outbreak that was predicted back in the late 1980’s (Whatever happened to the tens of millions straight Americans who were supposed to die of that disease?).

  2. Most Americans are too busy digging themselves out from recent snow storms to be “petrified” of an indiscernible temperature increase 50 years from now.

    Meanwhile carbon is on course to become the world’s largest traded commodity. Possibly even bigger than oil or gas. In 2008, carbon trading worldwide reached $128 billion. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup are all hot for emissions schemes. The last time these entities became hot for a poorly concieved trading scheme it nearly collapsed the world financial system and American taxpayers had to ride to the rescue.

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