Cadillac Deval May Miss Deadline For His Autobiography

Our hapless governor has broken yet another promise. 

The Massachusetts Democrat told reporters in a year-end interview that the writing has been slower than he expected and he may not finish the book before its planned 2010 release.

What would he write about, really?  His abysmal poll numbers?  How even The One couldn’t sell out a fundraiser for him?  The Commonwealth’s ever-worsening fiscal crisis?  Being dissed by the leaders of his own party at every turn?  those property taxes he failed to cut?  The cops he failed to hire? 

While he plans to eventually complete it, he said it was not his “top priority.”

His top priority these days is hiring more hacks during a budget crisis.

Patrick received a $1.35 million advance for the book in 2008. It’s initial release date would have coincided with his re-election campaign next year.

Patrick was in NYC signing his book deal while his Casino bill was going down in flames on Beacon Hill. 

If all goes as planned his autobiography will include a chapter on getting his ass kicked in a landslide next November.

2 thoughts on “Cadillac Deval May Miss Deadline For His Autobiography

  1. Perhaps Bill Ayers can loan him some of the old bho crib notes.

    Seriously why is this ah writing a book which will destroy a chunk of the environment during its production and is destined to be a flop.

  2. Why in the name of a merciful God would any one want to read a Deval Patrick autobiography? I would rather read an essay on “Creationism and Global Warming and the threat that it poses to Contemporary Western Civilization” by you know who!

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