Lazy Linking

I’ve been dealing with snow and snow-related emergencies all day so here is a link to a post at JammieWearingFool about Scott Brown’s potential to pull off a stunning defeat against Martha The Ice Queen later this month.

It is clearly to Scott Brown’s advantage and to the national GOP’s advantage to make this race as close as possible. A victory would obviously be a huge boost for the political fortunes of the right. Brown would provide the crucial 41st Republican vote in the Senate, which could put the brakes on the current version of Obamacare and force Democrats to work in a bipartisan fashion for major legislation. His victory could be the harbinger of significant Republican wins in the 2010 Congressional races.

But even a narrow loss would provide both Brown and the GOP with many benefits. It would certainly make Brown, already a state senator, a viable candidate for other offices in Massachusetts. A close loss might also send a shockwave of worry though the national Democratic party. If, in Peretz’s phrasing, a “run-of-the-mill Democrat” can’t win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in a walk, that could spell Trouble (with a capital “T”) for Democrats. The closest a Republican has come to a Democrat in a Massachusetts Senate race within the past 30+ years was 8 points (the popular William Weld, governor at the time, versus John Kerry in 1996). A Republican loss in the single digits could be read as a significant blow indeed.

I know times are tough all around, but if you have a few bucks to spare please consider making a donation to Scott Brown’s campaign.  He’s fighting a union-backed, hack-backed, moonbat-backed candidate who has the money advantage at the moment.  Imagine if you will the shock and awe if Brown pulls off a win.  Imagine the heads exploding if this were to happen.  Imagine the implications for ObamaCare.  Brown represents the 41st vote which could kill the bill in its tracks.  Imagine the chaos that would ensue.  It would be a game-changer.