Poll: Brown 41%, Coakley 50%

These numbers must have the Scott Brown campaign folks encouraged and the Ice Queen’s camp alarmed.  This race was supposed to be a cake walk for her – so much so that she has barely campaigned and presents herself as the heir-apparent to Ted Kennedy’s seat.

Attorney General Martha Coakley leads her Republican rival state Sen. Scott Brown by a mere nine points in the race to succeed the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll published today.

The telephone poll of likely voters in the Jan. 19 special election found Coakley, a Democrat, leading Brown 50 to 41 percent, the poll said. One percent of survey participants favor another candidate and seven percent are undecided.

This number must be especially troubling to the Ice Queen:

Coakley and Brown hold large leads in their respective parties, the poll said. Brown, however, holds a 65 to 21 percent edge over unenrolled voters, the poll said.

Remember Virginia and New Jersey?  In both cases, the Republican crushed the Democrat among Independents (called unenrolled here in MA).

And not surprisingly, people like Scott Brown more than the Ice Queen.

The survey also found 21 percent of likely special election voters have a “very favorable” opinion of Coakley, while 22 percent have a “very unfavorable” view of her.

For Brown, the survey found 25 percent of voters had a “very favorable” view of him and five percent gave him a “very unfavorable” rating.

According to Twitter, Brown was on Laura Ingraham’s show and he said their internal numbers have the race much closer.  Lets hope his numbers are correct.  A Brown victory would end Harry Reid’s super majority in the Senate and would kill ObamaCare.

Here is Scott Brown’s latest ad, titled “Hey, Dad”